Remember I was saying that I will build a phone bomb a while ago? Today I read the newspaper and they say Thailand authorities are banning Malaysian SIM cards from being sold there because they have been used to detonate bombs. This is what a terrorist would do. He would buy a RM5 DIGI starter pack (because it’s so cheap), and use it to call until the credit almost finishes. Then he would use the remaining credit to miss call a RANDOM number. It could be you. And after he makes the call, he quickly rigs the bomb. Tell me honestly, how many of you would return a missed call? Most people will right? And guess what happens? Yes! YOU, not the terrorist, kill the innocent people.

I will still be making that phone bomb of course, just to show how easy it is to make one. I’ll be waiting for a phone to become avaliable.

Remember I said about the strip search of a Chinese woman by our police? Here’s the video if you want to watch it. Parts of it has been censored of course. This is turning out to be quite a big issue. Continue reading

Living dangerously

Do you know how hard it is to make a network cable? First you must cut it to length, then you must strip the insulation. Then you must crimp the RJ-45 connectors with the correct amount of pressure so it will work. Luck was on my side because I bought extra connectors just in case. So the network is up and running. Waiting for the damn Streamyx to arrive. In a month.

Went to Winner’s court to play futsal just now. It was a very good game. I love it. Scored many goals and it was just tons of fun! 3pm till 5.30pm for only RM5. If you don’t call that a deal, then it’ll be a steal. I’m going back there for more next time!

Went to Sam’s place to play poker just now. Considering I’ve never seen a real poker game in my life before, I think I did fairly well. Going bankrupt only twice, I managed to get some wins hehe and drinking green tea while playing really helps in keeping the mind clear, I think.

Then it was talk and lame jokes. I’ll spare you all the details. Continue reading

Exotic car hunting

Went to play futsal at Sarawak Club just now. What little stamina I had was gone already. I shudder to think what would happen on Wednesday’s match. Time will tell of course, but I think we can manage a win.

Went out with the Perth people just now. Went to Bing! and then to open air. Topics that we talk about range widely. Life at Perth sounds too good. Too bad there’s no night life hehe

While coming back after dropping KC off, we saw a Nissan Skyline R34 GTR on the other side of the road. It was driving at a normal pace so we decided to chase it. Using the newly installed boost button, we sped to the traffic lights, made a u-turn and sped all the way until we saw the legendary round shaped tail-lights. Followed it a bit to admire it, then headed of to BDC to drop Ling.

On the way, we saw a Nissan 350Z Fairlady. It was at a traffic light so we waited at the bus stop pretending to be making calls until it passed us. And you know what? It was a killer. I didn’t know a 350Z looked so great.

Tomorrow I will be finishing off the network setup at the new factory. Too bad the Synology server won’t be included in the network. It has been returned already.

I am trying to gain weight. Any tips besides eating a lot? Continue reading

OSx86 10.4.3 build 8F1111 leaked!

Okay, I know this is old news, but it’s worth a post here. This was taken directly from

We’ve received unconfirmed reports concerning a few interesting new toys under the hood of OSx86 10.4.3, including a vastly improved Rosetta and brand new ATI drivers – each far more complete than in previous builds.

First, the Rosetta emulation platform in 10.4.3 build 8F1111A has been upgraded to feature full G4 support, including Altivec. This not only adds a new layer of compatibility to Rosetta, but also improved speed for Altivec-equipped applications. This upgrade is reportedly available as a small downloadable update to build 8F1111.

Also, new ATI drivers available in 10.4.3 seem to offer much greater support for PC ATI graphics chipsets. Preliminary reports indicate that they may support most of the 9000 line, and parts of the X series, including mobile chipsets. Apparently NVIDIA systems have not been given this treatment. Is this discrepancy simply due to the pace of driver porting at Apple, or will ATI graphics hold a special place in the Mactel world?

On a side note, the weekend brought a newly leaked copy of OSx86 10.4.3 build 8F1111, the most recent seed from Apple. This seed, with its universal binary of iTunes, is a newer version than the build which was recently cracked.

What this article is trying to say is that Apple is moving closer and closer towards releasing their MacOSX for the Intel based machines. And by the way it looks, Apple has given more support to ATI based graphic cards (yay!! I’m using ATI by the way, on my laptop).

If you want to give this a try, you can try downloading it using this torrent: There has been word saying that it’s going to be damn slow because no one is seeding. I’m downloading it now and if I’m done I’ll try to host the 2.8GB file myself.

It is likely that I will be replacing my existing OSX installation with this version because my previous installation doesn’t allow me to use widescreen. So I’m stuck with 1024×768. Hopefully this version will solve my problem. On the other hand, I’m reluctant to do so because I just might screw it up. Don’t fix something that is not broken. We’ll see.

Go here for MacOSX installation guides. I’ll be happy to help you install it personally too if you don’t mind me screwing up your computer hehe because it doesn’t necessarily work on every type of computer. Continue reading


I didn’t go to the drag race because there was much to do at the new factory. I guess a little sacrifice will go a long way. Was expecting more exotic cars there but I heard there were only a few Skylines.

Went to eat vegetarian food just now. Ordered “mock” butter prawns. They taste like prawns, feel like prawns and even look like prawns! They have this red stripy pattern on them!! Just like a real cooked prawn! How cool is that? And it also makes me wonder how they make prawn taste like prawn if they have never eaten prawn before. So I conclude that the cook is a non-vegetarian, which makes the food not 100% vegetarian because the person who cooks it is not a vegetarian. Or is it?

I think my site is becoming like a porn hub already because I get so many referrals from different porn sites. I’m not sure if this is a form of advertisement. I mean it’s a good way to make their site known to others. It shouldn’t be hard to write a script to do that. Just instruct the script to do a Google search on “last referers” “powered by php-nuke” and then send a crafted http header over and it should appear on the last referers list. Come to think about it, that’s a great idea!

I found some old photos from the fieldtrip to the Rainforest Music Festival. I will post them up as soon as I have time.

Playing futsal tomorrow! It’s been ages since my last game. There wasn’t any time at INTI.

Go figure out what’s wrong with this x-ray all you doctors-to-be haha Continue reading