Random stuff

I need to apologize again for delaying part 3 of my valve cover polishing project. Do not worry, because progress is still being made. I just don’t have the time yet to take pictures and do a write up. I finally achieved the mirror finish I wanted today. I can see my own reflection on the valve cover. How cool is that? Anyways, I promise to deliver part 3 tomorrow with pictures of the finished result if I’m not going Sematan with ET.

I actually had to retype this post because my laptop had a thermal shutdown (shutdown because overheat) because I forgot to put a pencil underneath the airvent to help with the airflow. I’m the only one suffering from this. My brother has the exact same model as mine and there’s no such problem. Anyone can help me out here?

Don’t waste all that heat generated by your processor. Use it to heat up your food!

Kin Chern came back yesterday and we went out for supper at open air. It’s been ages since I last tasted the metahorn. Even before I consumed it, I can feel my saliva flowing. You can’t get this in Semenanjung.

Joanne and Samson was back also so we went and have a chat at Joanne’s house. Her Mac (a real iMac, not those Intel Macs or MacTels) was having problems connecting to the Internet. I have not used MacOS9 before and it’s been a long time since I’ve dialled 1511 so I failed to help her with her Mac.

We may be going to Sematan tomorrow. 120km of road to cover. Not sure how the destination looks like yet because I haven’t been there before. Hopefully the Parado will be avaliable tomorrow.

I would like to thank those who provided feedback to this site. Let me explain a bit. The site design is pratically the same because I like the clean and easy layout. The only difference that this is the REAL PHP SKIN where as my last blogspot blog skin was ripped off from this and modified to use at blogger. The site is a bit slow loading during the past few days. I’m not sure what the problem was but now it loads okay. Maybe it’s because of the vast amounts of pictures haha

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