Medical Checkup

I went for some medical checkups today as directed by MAS. It’s a very lengthy and tiring affair. And it was nowhere near fun.

First stop was at Klinik Wan Ali at Satok. I was then referred to a lab where they will do lab tests on my fluids. If you think taking blood is the worst thing that can happen, wait till they ask for your stool sample. They give you a stick with a cotton bud at the end and ask you to give them your stool. I’ll leave out the rest of the details for your sake.

X-raying was included also. It was done in just a few seconds. But I felt very sleepy after that. Could it have been an effect from the rays?

Then I went for a some more tests back at Kilnik Wan Ali. Blood pressure, breathing pattern, color blind test, weight, height, eye test, and some more. Then I was referred again to Normah for a hearing test.

This was by far the most interesting test of all. They let you sit in a tiny cubicle with dizzying patterns in it. Then they ask you to put on a headphone and press a button if you hear a tone from it. It was no big deal. But just be careful. Sometimes the nurse tries to confuse you.

Tomorrow I will be back to Normah for the results and hopefully I can get into MAS for real haha

For those of you who haven’t been reading the news, the latest hottest news is about Chinese Immigrants being asked to strip by the police. There is a video circulating around, showing the above “crime”.

A still frame from the video clip.

Went out with the Perth people who just came back a few hours ago. Beverly, Derek…. ummm basically just 2 of them. The rest couldn’t be contacted. We were joined by Sam, Kc, Ling and ET. Open air again, then we decided to check out Travillion and went into a club to see how it looks like. My first “clubbing” experience haha and I vow never to go back.

I don’t like clubbing. I hate the smoke, I don’t drink, and I think I can spend my time in a more useful manner. End of story. Continue reading