Remember I was saying that I will build a phone bomb a while ago? Today I read the newspaper and they say Thailand authorities are banning Malaysian SIM cards from being sold there because they have been used to detonate bombs. This is what a terrorist would do. He would buy a RM5 DIGI starter pack (because it’s so cheap), and use it to call until the credit almost finishes. Then he would use the remaining credit to miss call a RANDOM number. It could be you. And after he makes the call, he quickly rigs the bomb. Tell me honestly, how many of you would return a missed call? Most people will right? And guess what happens? Yes! YOU, not the terrorist, kill the innocent people.

I will still be making that phone bomb of course, just to show how easy it is to make one. I’ll be waiting for a phone to become avaliable.

Remember I said about the strip search of a Chinese woman by our police? Here’s the video if you want to watch it. Parts of it has been censored of course. This is turning out to be quite a big issue. Continue reading

Living dangerously

Do you know how hard it is to make a network cable? First you must cut it to length, then you must strip the insulation. Then you must crimp the RJ-45 connectors with the correct amount of pressure so it will work. Luck was on my side because I bought extra connectors just in case. So the network is up and running. Waiting for the damn Streamyx to arrive. In a month.

Went to Winner’s court to play futsal just now. It was a very good game. I love it. Scored many goals and it was just tons of fun! 3pm till 5.30pm for only RM5. If you don’t call that a deal, then it’ll be a steal. I’m going back there for more next time!

Went to Sam’s place to play poker just now. Considering I’ve never seen a real poker game in my life before, I think I did fairly well. Going bankrupt only twice, I managed to get some wins hehe and drinking green tea while playing really helps in keeping the mind clear, I think.

Then it was talk and lame jokes. I’ll spare you all the details. Continue reading