Chelsea unbeatable

I just witnessed Arsenal getting trashed by Chelsea. And to just imagine that they (Arsenal) were the untouchables a few seasons ago. In fact, even before watching the match, I had a feeling that Arsenal was going to lose. I didn’t have to go through the formations and tactics for the 2 teams to come up with that. It’s so common for Chelsea to win all their matches these days that I just assumed that they will win.

And if you think that money cannot change anything, think again. Chelsea is a good example of how money can be put to good use. When you get great players, managers, coaches in a team, there’s little left to luck. It’s like pitching a Kancil bicycle aganist a Bugatti Veyron. For your info, a Bugatti has 1001 horse power while a bicycle has only 1 human power.

With 20 points in between the two teams, I think Chelsea, quoting the commentators, have just got their early Christmas present. Nice match by the way! Continue reading

Pot luck and bbq

And add in lan party if you wish. It was a great success! Thanks everyone for coming, even those whom I don’t know! We had so much food that we have to force people to take them back! And it was great seeing everyone together again. Who knows, maybe it’s going to be quite long before we can have such a get together again.

Anyways, here’s a few tips for people who want to host their own get together:

  1. Tell people to come at 2pm if you plan to start at 6pm. Never underestimate how late people can be.
  2. Stock up in sugar, milk, vanilla essence and coffee powder if you are going to make plenty of Bing-style ice-blended.
  3. Never depend on the weather. It will rain when you expect it not to.
  4. Never encourage people to bring sausages for bbq.
  5. Blast loud music =)
  6. Siobees are not halal

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Okay, after a few days of downtime due to my account getting suspended and messed up file permissions, I finally got my site back online. I have removed the last referrals block and the hits block to (hopefully) lower the active mysql connections to the server. I have switched the digg news block with the shout box block to make the layout look a bit better.

So I apologise to those who tried to visit me and got a 403 unauthorized access message and for those who though that there was another way to get to my site hehe. Continue reading