Life in KL

I cannot update daily because I don’t have much time to go online. I hope you have realised that already. KL is the place to go to shop. I was at Midvalley yesterday and it was sooo full of people. It seems that shopping is the only thing people do here these days.

Went to Lowyat today and got a all-in-one card reader for RM29. I’m quite used to using a card reader to transfer my pictures from my camera’s compact flash card to my computer. It’s faster.

If you don’t know what’s wrong with this picture, you don’t understand bowling.

I captured this picture just before a strike. Strike = hit all pins.

I wish we can have a drive through in Kuching. That would be fun.

Sign at a carpark.

Can you believe that this picture was painted by an artist, and not a 4 year old?? Continue reading