Daylight robbery

I went out on what seemed to be a normal day to Midvalley. I bought a Nike shoe to replace my old torn one. It was great, at RM169. It will last me for the next 3 years. Then me and my brother and my cousin went to the Pudu station to buy bus ticket. And then that’s when the robberies started.

Canon EOS 300D

My brother wanted to buy a Banzai car magazine. The problem is, it costs RM34+. Then he saw the EXACT SAME MAGAZINE AT THE EXACT SAME SHOP selling for RM12. But then we notice that the shop was not that stupid. It was $12, not RM12. But we decided to give it a shot. We got the magazine, went to the counter, and the guy typed in RM12. We paid and walked calmly away. We’ve just gotten a 50% plus discount for a UK magazine.

The 3 frogs.

Then we went to a phone shop. My brother’s T610 was dented so he wanted a new cover. The guy was selling for RM40, but we bargained it down to RM32. That wasn’t the robbery. This is: I saw the exact same card reader that I bought yesterday for RM29 selling for RM89 at this phone shop. I was looking at it carefully, and it’s exactly the same. I couldn’t find any difference, and that’s when the guy came. Read our conversation (translated from Chinese):

Shop guy: Looking for card reader ah?

Me: No, just looking. I bought this yesterday for RM29.

Shop guy: What price you want? I can discount for you.

Apparently he hasn’t got the hint that I ALREADY have a card reader and I don’t need one.

Shop guy: Come on, what’s your budget?

(He takes out a calculator and enters 89 on it)

Me: I bought the same thing for RM29 yesterday at Lowyat.

(He froze)

Shop guy: Where?

Me: Lowyat.

(End of conversation)

If you haven’t noticed, the interesting part is not where he froze. It seems like he wan’t paying attention to whatever I was saying.

This is how caring Malaysians are. This is an emergency escape at the KTM station at Midvalley. Just in case of emergency, you can escape fast.

Then we decided to take a break at McDonalds. We bought one curly fries. The cashier typed out RM0.53. My cousin was shell shocked. He turned to me and asked me to verify it. I looked at the price, quickly paid it, and went away. All I know, there’s nothing cheaper than RM1 in McDonalds. Small fries costs RM2.30. Go figure.

Turtles live to 100 years old.

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