Working my way through KL

I have been around KL for the past few days. I know how to get around from Bandar Utama to the KTM and to the Pudu bus station. So with that, I can get to almost everywhere in Semenanjung.

It rained today. We went to play football at a nearby community center. It wasn’t a very smooth morning. First, we weren’t allowed to play at the tennis court (which by the way has got goal posts meant for futsal), then some lady tried to cheat my foreign cousin by selling him a can of 100 plus for RM7. He didn’t buy it of course (pun intended) and he went to ask the manager. In the end, he got it for RM1.70

If you have read the papers today, you will come across a news about a foiled RM1 million robbery at 1 Utama at 7:15pm yesterday. A guard was shot. I was at there at 6pm and it’s walking distance from where I live. But unfortunately, I was out to dinner at that time so I missed all the action.

Speaking about dinner, I had fried pig intestines just now. It tastes great. Going back to INTI tomorrow. Continue reading