Happy 2006!

Time really flies. Today is the last day of year 2005 already. Looking back at this year, I must say that it has been a great year. Here is a recap.

2005 started with an accident at around 13th mile. We spent the night by the roadside and at the police station.

I spent most of my time idling until end of April when I enrolled into INTI, taking up a diploma course in electrical and electronics engineering.

This ATM machine runs on Pentium 3 600MHz and 128MB of ram

I started my first semester in INTI with much excitement. The first camp I went was to Gua Batu Maloi. It was a very deadly adventure into the cave. It’s not like the biggest cave in the world, so sometimes we had to crawl to get through. Then I joined rural service. That was the most interesting journey that I have ever been on. All those training, meetings and time spent with the 22nd rs members, and the 7 days spent at Chendrong, I can be sure I won’t forget those memories for a very long time.

The second semester at INTI was a short semester. Plenty of stuff happened during this period. First, I had to go back to Kuching for MAS written test. Then after passing the written test, I came back for the interview. After my final exams, I came back to Kuching and I got news that I got selected for MAS and had to go for medical checkup. My happiness was short-lived after not getting a timely response from them. I was about to give up hope when the unexpected happened. Refer to my last post for details.

Other happenings this year include losing my phone, my virginity girlfriend, the London bombings, getting caught by police, participating in both illegal and legal racing, running a 12 hour relay race, retaining my INTI scholarship. I also launched my new website (this website), got a new mp4 player, downloaded lots of pirated stuff off the internet, had wifi fun in KLIA, went Sematan for a day trip, went damai for a day trip, helped my dad move new factory.

How long does it take for 5 people to finish 1 cup of pepsi? Roughly 2 seconds. Don’t worry, IKEA has free refills =)

Also spent a fair amount of time on my computer, mainly installing the Mac OSX, doing PIC programming, web programming, computer security research, watching porn.

Summarizing a whole year into one post is not easy. Go read my archives for more details.

Now that I’m done with the year 2005, let’s move on to 2006. I have a few new year resolutions:

  1. Gain weight
  2. Make realistic promises
  3. Be more patient
  4. Refrain from having a girlfriend
  5. Get laid
  6. Make something spectacular
  7. Do something spectacular
  8. I’ll think of more new year’s resolution later

So instead of having a crazy new year’s eve like last year, I’m now chillin’ out at my grandma’s house, enjoying the peace and tranquility. Life is good. Happy new year everyone! Continue reading