Life in KL

I cannot update daily because I don’t have much time to go online. I hope you have realised that already. KL is the place to go to shop. I was at Midvalley yesterday and it was sooo full of people. It seems that shopping is the only thing people do here these days.

Went to Lowyat today and got a all-in-one card reader for RM29. I’m quite used to using a card reader to transfer my pictures from my camera’s compact flash card to my computer. It’s faster.

If you don’t know what’s wrong with this picture, you don’t understand bowling.

I captured this picture just before a strike. Strike = hit all pins.

I wish we can have a drive through in Kuching. That would be fun.

Sign at a carpark.

Can you believe that this picture was painted by an artist, and not a 4 year old?? Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

So Christmas is here once again! A time for presents and uhh… more presents! Anyways, I sent a greeting to 50 something people who happen to my close friends. If you didn’t get it, I either didn’t have your number, or the lines got jammed, or you’re not my friend =D Now, the interesting thing is I got some very interesting replies. This was my original message:

Wishing you a Merry xmas and a happy new year!Hope that you’ll have great success in everything you do =) take care,cya! -tzy wen (remember me owh!hehe)

And the interesting replies I got:

I’ve already told Santa what I want for X-mas, a friend that will stay forever. So if a fat man comes around and tries to wrap you up…. pls be cooperative :)

Ho ho ho……. Merry christmas……Have a very merry and blessed christmas..

May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace.The gladness of Christmas give you hope.And the warmth of Christmas grant you love.Merry Christmas n dun worry i wont forget ΓΌ~

Merry christmas. no need to worry. i will forget you soon. he he. take care. :)

Thanks for all the hopes and blessings! Some are not included to protect the privacy of the senders.

On another note, I think I might have spoiled Christmas for someone. Time will tell. Continue reading

Apple Ipods

Newest line of iPods by Apple: iPod Nano

iPods have been around for a while. And it has become so famous that if you mention it to anyone, no one will give you that blank what-the-heck-are-you-talking-about stare. It has set the standard for other mp3 players to follow, so much so that manufacturers in China had gotten the wrong idea and had actually copied the Nano design (refer to my previous post) in their mp4 player.

You might love the iPod, or you might hate it. There’s no in between. You either belong to the group who love iPods or you belong in another group that hate iPods. There are reasons to like and there are reasons to hate too.

Anyways, I don’t deny that the iPods are great mp3 players. They set the trend and everything. They look slick, shiny, clean, stylish, cool and just plain amazing. With up to 60GB for the top of the range iPods, they offer plenty of storage.

But what I don’t like about iPods is that they scratch easily, they don’t support drag and drop like other mp3 players do (for obvious reasons), they can be bulky (not referring to the nano or the shuffle or the mini), they cost way more just because they are iPods, they scratch easily, battery life is not too impressive, and I think that’s enough reasons to avoid an iPod.

Today, I tried my cousin’s 4GB iPod mini. He got it for 100 bucks so that’s around RM380. That is cheap. But it is not cheap. It feels great and it plays music great too. The whole iPod is so well made. I love the scroll wheels and buttons. It’s not too big, but not too small either.

Plugging it to my laptop, it was immediately detected as an external removable drive. And I can actually DRAG AND DROP FILES ONTO IT! But not music though. So yes, it can act like an external drive. I’m impressed. Now I’m copying all his music out from his iPod. Apparently, the songs are hidden in a hidden folder.

Overall, I like his iPod. It just lacks a color screen and maybe iPodlinux.

Maybe I should start saving up for a Nano because it CAN play videos. Watch it. Continue reading


I have arrived safely in KL. The flight was a bit bumpy. Seems like the pilot prefer to bounce his plane on the runway than landing smoothly.

This holiday is going to be a fun one. Going for movies, and best of all, we might be going for a paintball session!! I can’t wait for it.

Just so you know, I will be at the Summit on the 25th. Anyone want to meet there contact me. I will be going back to Inti on the 29th to enrol and to check into my room. So to my Inti friends, see you then! Continue reading

Leaving Kuching

Okay, not really a big event, but this marks the end of my idle days in Kuching. Got to get back on track and study. I will be leaving Kuching tomorrow. If I don’t sleep soon I’m going to miss the flight. Anyways, a recap of my holidays and my days in Kuching:

I arrived back at Kuching International Airport only to find it in ruins. It took me a whole hour just to get pass the immigration and to get my bags.

It was raining more in Kuching than in Nilai. And since I’m at home with a car, I get more freedom to go out. But I still miss the days back at Inti where we would go out for supper at 1 or 2 in the morning. Since we stayed at the hostel, asking people out was just a sms away.

I launched my site (this site) a few days after I came back. Then it was taken down a while ago because it crashed my host’s server. But so far so good.

At the beginning of December, my dad moved factories, so we went to help out. Most of our December was spent at the factory, doing odd jobs like stacking up supplies, cleaning things, making shelves, doing wiring stuff, creating a LAN, and just admiring the sheer ingeniuty of electricity, not to mention getting a few goodies.

And I did make my car a safer machine to drive. I personally rewired the stereo with extensive use of heatshrink. Now I don’t suddenly find my lights not working or my stereo turning on and off and the signal lights going crazy.

Getting chased by the police.

Helped some of my friends out with their cars too; installing neons, adjusting spark timings, intercooler polishing, repairing subs, just to mention a few.

But most of the time was probably spent in bed. Usually don’t wake up till 12pm.

Probably the most notable thing that happened during this time was me getting the news that I have passed the MAS interview. You can find the article here. Thanks Joel for the comments. And thanks everyone for their congratulations. I went through the medical checkup and I guess I failed that part. I did not get their letter of offer or anything. Everything just died there. Well, I’ve gotten over the disappointment a while ago. Life goes on, with or without MAS. Sorry for those who thought I was going to sabotage their flights hehe that’s not going to happen anymore.

Then there was the motorkhana at MJC orgainzed by It was the first time where I can test my car’s potential to the max, legally. And we clocked the fastest time! Drifting (or pulling the handbrake through the corners) really helped a lot. And I have been practising. In fact, I “slid” into my lorong just now. It was too tempting: wet ground, big road, no cars, last chance to drift till I come back for CNY. The road was like glass. There was no sound. The car just glided smoothly. It was fun.

Not to mention all the times we went out for supper or dinner or to the movies. Thanks people for showing up and making everything worthwhile. That’s what coming back to Kuching is all about. We get to hang out at the familiar places with all the familiar faces. Nothing beats that. And the potluck we had recently. That was great.

So it has been a very eventful time at Kuching, as expected. I’m leaving tomorrow, but I’ll be back. Soon enough.

Bedroom football. Nothing beats this. Continue reading