To Kuching, First class

I got a first class flight back to Kuching because there wasn’t any more tickets left. In first class, you get special treatment. You can request for anything and not get a frown or disapproving look from the world’s best cabin staff. They have beef even for the meals! But the greatest joy for me in first class was to witness the 737 engines firing up and going to full thrust during take off. I can hardly comprehend the sheer power that the engines are producing. I can’t imagine anything better to admire than that.

Anyways, I came back to get my MAS offer letter. Unfortunately, since the letter is confidential, I cannot show it here. But it does state some very interesting figures. And I’ll be training at the old Subang airport. It will start on the 16th January and it will run for 5 years. Then I will be bond for 10 years so when I come out I’ll be around 34?

I recently been to an artist’s house. And I’m impressed by his toilet design.

It’s an open air shower, so if it rains, you have a legitimate reason not to shower. Continue reading

Nude squat video (uncensored)

I cannot imagine I lived through 10 whole days without a 24/7 high speed connection to the net. It’s like going through 10 days without drugs. Now I know why drug rehabilitation doesn’t work.

Anyways, I was browsing through the net a few days ago and I discovered the shocking full length video of the controversial nude squat video that caused a nationwide reaction a year ago.

Watch the video here. But be warned, it’s really the uncensored clip. Continue reading