In Nilai

I’ve been travelling a bit around Semenanjung lately. I’m now in INTI college Malaysia at Nilai using their free internet connection at my formal room. Although I have only been in INTI for 2 semesters or roughly 6 months, it brings back a lot of memories. Afterall, it was 2 very busy semesters. Will hopefully be meeting up with my formal coursemates and friends soon.

Room sweet room. Everything was still in its original place where I left them 2 months ago.

The trip here was rather eventful. I took a taxi from Nick’s place to the nearest KTM station and it costs RM4.10. When I looked into my wallet, I only had RM50 and RM100 notes. The taxi driver of course didn’t have change because it was quite early in the morning (around 8am). So I asked him to wait and I went to the ticket counter to see if they got change. Since it was still early, they didn’t have any. But the kind ticket officer allowed me to go to the platform to ask the people there if they have change. I got the change, paid the taxi, bought the tickets, and I was on my way. My faith in mankind has been restored.

Nick’s apartment as seen from MAA.

The MAA building seen at night.

“One drop of that blue gin will burn your throat” -NICK

So I decided to stick with the diet coke. Continue reading