Pudu fun

Our Genting trip was once again postponed due to lack of people. We went to Pudu (read: engineers’ heaven) and that made all the difference. Me and a friend jointly bought a 3 channel RC helicopter and some parts to build a new PIC programmer.

My five years here is going to be quite fun because there are going to be tons of personal projects coming up. I have now a friend who shares the same interest as me so we can work things out together. It’s going to be exciting.

Counter-rotating main rotors. It’s small and it’s light. Only for indoors though.

Flying in my room. This is really addictive. The controls need time to master because you have to control 3 things at once.

“Do not attempt to repair of modify this equipment”

Oops, forgot to follow the instructions. Looks very simple inside.

The flat silver thing in front is actually the battery. Lithium polymer, weights next to nothing. Then you see the motor and the receiver. The receiver is FULLY PROPORTIONAL!

A look at how to twin rotors work.

A fully proportional remote control. At RM140, this is definately a bargain. Actually it was RM176, but we managed to get the price down.

Watch the heli in action! (74KB wmv video)

The new PIC programmer. Smaller than my previous one, and definately looks neater. Not tested yet due to lack of parts.

I officially start work tomorrow. It’s like the first day of school. Something new. Continue reading