First day at MAS

My first day at MAS was like any other first days. There was nothing much to do. I can’t say too much here in case they discover this blog and accuse me of disclosing company secrets and kicking me out of the program. I can’t afford to go out, not when a 20k monthly salary awaits me at the end of 5 years ;)

Anyways, there are 3 girls in this batch. No comments, because of my new year resolution (refer back). There are a lot of bumis from west Malaysia and only 3 chinese. That wouldn’t be much of a problem because they are also very friendly.

Regarding the apartment, we have decided to let one more of our Sabah friend stay with us. So that means only RM90 rent per month. More money for streamyx and toys! We will be drawing lots to see who gets to have the single rooms and who gets to share the master bedroom. I would prefer to stay in the single room (easier to do stuff) but I don’t mind sharing.

After “work”, 3 of us went to 1 Utama using the free bus service. It jammed along the way and the 15 minutes trip took 1 hour and 45 minutes. Me and a friend from St Jo (taking same course in MAS) were talking and then we suddenly mentioned about the Damai trip we had last year. Turns out, we both had met for a game of beach football before during that time and it was his group who gave us the whole bucketload of food to barbecue!! What a coincidence! What a small world this is =) haha those were the days… read my (very old) blog entry on that trip.

More updates to come after I have done something interesting in MAS. Friend getting a car very soon. The possibilities are endless hehe Continue reading