Back to Kuching

Warning: This post contains a lot of pictures. Not suitable for dial-up and below.

Happy Chinese New Year 2006! So I’m back in Kuching once again. Back to paradise =) Taking the plane has become so routine that I got lost in KLIA. Umm… that doesn’t make sense.

But we’ll start at the beginning. Yesterday we cleaned our house. I got a double decker bed which I’m sharing with a friend and a writing table. We had to build those ourselves because it comes disassembled. I got the top bunk of the double decker bed! Ever since I was young, I have dreamt of having a double decker bed. Now my dream has come true. Who wants to bet how long before I fall from my sleep?

My small but cosy room. Don’t let the mess get to you. I was real busy yesterday.

We have decided to make the house as comfy and as nice as possible so when we come home from work/study everyday, we will feel great. We’re planning to design “clappers” to switch on and off the lights in our bedrooms. You clap once to turn on the light and you clap again to turn it off. Cool eh? This is the kind of thing to expect when 5 engineers live together. We’ll see how everything goes.

But first, we gotta get a sign on that toilet =D

Going to the airport is a straight forward thing. You pack up, take the taxi, and you’re there. But as a student, I have to cut costs. Instead of taking the taxi (which would cost near RM100), I decided to use 4 modes of transportation to reach KLIA. By doing so, I will use only RM18. Actually it should be less than RM10, but I miscalculated so it cost me another 8 bucks.

I had a screwdriver last night. You can see the hammer beside it too.

Waking up in the morning at 8am is not an easy task. Especially after some lack of sleep the night before. I set two alarms and I was lucky not to fall down from the double decker bed. I showered in cold water and got dressed and everything. On my way out, I met my new neighbour who was going to work. They are a friendly bunch.

This is the view from my window. Got to get some curtains to protect my privacy.

At first, I wanted to take the bus from the bus station near my house to the Kelana Jaya station. It was 9am at that time and my flight was at 3pm. Tzy Shih said I was crazy to start so early but he nearly missed the plane yesterday. I like to be early. Unfortunately, the bus doesn’t seem to go to the Kelana Jaya LRT. I decided not to take any chances and I flagged down the next taxi, thinking that I’m going to get robbed.

Taxies waiting for the kill (queue) at the LRT.

Luck must be on my side today because the taxi driver was a friendly guy. We talked along the way and I was soon at the LRT station. The meter read RM9.90. So I handed him a RM10 note and told him to keep the 10 cents. But he said NO! I was so shocked. He said he will follow the meter and he handed me back the 10 cents. THIS REALLY HAPPENED. THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALE OR A JOKE. I was so touched and before leaving the cab he wished me happy CNY. And he’s not Chinese! There are still great people out there in this world. People like him restores my faith in the humankind.

The LRT leaving the station. Damn!

The LRT ticket costs RM2.10. I reached KL Sentral at 10.30am. I had a little snack at KFC and I was on my way to Nilai using the KTM. The ticket costs RM4.70. The journey was uneventful.

I took a similar bus to KLIA

The Nilai KTM station is known as the KLIA interchange station or something like that. The good thing is I just need to come here, and I can take the bus (RM2) to KLIA.

Airbus A330. The engines are huge compared to a 737. They are General Electric engines. To tell between a Rolls Royce and a General Electric engine, look at the fan cone. If it’s rounded, it’s a General Electric. If it’s a sharp cone, it’s a Rolls Royce. Next time when you board the plane, impress the people around you with this.

I reached KLIA at 1pm. Still plenty of time left. Or issit? I went to the departure hall and I got the shock of my life. The queue was a quarter mile long. I’m not joking. It took me 45 minutes of waiting to check in. And they had 5 counters open. Finally, at 2pm, I settled down at Burger King to have some snack.

737 taxing off the runway. Why are the front wheels not called the “landing gear”?

I have plenty of time to kill. Oh, did I mention that my flight was delayed? From 3pm to 5:25pm. So I went to the magazine stall and I read ALL their car magazines. Took me 1 hour and 30 minutes. Then I bought a newspaper and went to oogle at planes. I watch the engineers working around the planes, thinking that one day I will be doing the same thing. It’s exciting.

I arrived back in Kuching at 7pm. I met Tommy on the baggage reclaim area. Went back home for dinner, and then went out to Bev’s house to chill. Met up with her, Ben, both Daniels, and Benita. The fireworks were great.

So I achieved my plan for today. I used 5 types of transportation (taxi, LRT, KTM, bus, plane) to get back to Kuching. And that doesn’t include walking ;)

Happy Chinese New Year! May you all have a prosperous year ahead! Continue reading