Leaving Kuching again

Coming or going, I can barely decide. I just wished my holidays were longer. It’s like going for a short vacation. But it was great. Went out visiting and got lots of stuff done. Kuching is definately the place to meet up with old friends and to hang out.

I won’t be back for a long long time. But this was well worth it.

Ben driving us around for a change. His driving is a bit “exciting” shall we say.

So these few days we went visiting. We did not manage to visit Cikgu Danny and his Compressor, and we did not visit some of our friends due to the lack of time. So very sorry and happy Chinese New Year. Ang pows can be sent directly to my Maybank account or through RHB bank. PM me for my account number.

Nice apartment. Wished my Subang Perdana apartment was like this.

We went to Cass’s apartment at night. It was a quiet place. The view was fantastic. You can see most of Kuching from here. She said that the night before Chinese New Year, the whole place was lit up with fireworks.

Too bad I couldn’t get a longer exposure on my camera.

At first we played black jack. With ang pow money. I think I lost RM2. Then we played “in-between”. I’ll explain the game to you if you want when we meet. I was doing okay. Then, during our last game, the pot was suddenly very big (a lot of money) because someone lost real bad. So it was my turn and I bet the whole pot. I won around RM29.

MAS playing cards. Hmm… didn’t the induction manual say that gambling is illegal?

Later, we played a lower stakes game called Pictionary. Pictionary is a game where you are supposed to draw to let others guess a word. So if you get “David Beckham”, you should draw him kicking the ball from the halfway line or something like that. You get my point.

We aren’t great drawers.

It was boys versus girls to find out which is the weaker sex. Unfortunately for us, we (guys) happen to be the weaker sex because we LOST BY JUST ONE WORD. Did I mention that we were outnumbered? Oh well, it was fun.

So I’ll be leaving tomorrow. All my bags are packed. I’ve brought my tesla coil and my coilgun over. I hope I don’t get stopped at the airport tomorrow hahaha

Goodbye Kuching, I’ll miss all those days lazing around here. Continue reading

Exotic Cars

Exotic cars used to be non existant in Kuching. But recently, Celicas, Skylines, Supras and Evos have appeared on the streets of Kuching like mushrooms after a rain. There is only one conclusion that I can come up with. Kuching folks are getting richer.

Today, I saw a White Skyline on the road. I didn’t notice it until a friend called me and told me that there was a Skyline a few cars behind me.

Not a GTR though.

Then later as we went visiting to Junella’s house, I saw a car (later I found out that it was a Gallant) with a 4G63 engine with a EVO3 turbo and a big front mounted intercooler.

This car is not going to be behind you for long.

It wouldn’t be half as interesting if her brother didn’t do all the engine work himself. And looking at the big intercooler really gives you the creeps.

The highlight of the night was when I went visiting with my mum to a friend who owns a Fairlady 350Z. And he gave us a ride in that amazing 3.5 liter coupe. At a long stretch, he floored the throttle and I was pushed back to my seat. The force of the acceleration was simply amazing! Without knowing it, the car had reached 120kmh, in second gear. Barely 6 seconds had passed! And it was automatic again.

The 350Z has all the right curves. It’s like a stunning artwork rolling on wheels.

A little technical background on this car. The 3.5 liter V6 pumps out a total of 280 horses which is transferred to the ground through the rear wheels. The 0-100 times is around 5 seconds if I’m not mistakened. Top speed is 200 something. When accelerating, I saw the revs climbing fast and the speedo even faster.

The interior is nice. It’s a 2 seater, that means you can only have this car before you have kids.

I took a video when I was riding in the car. I’ll post it up soon after I edit it (lots of profanities uttered when the car was accelerating haha just kidding). It’s not very obvious how fast the car was in the video. You must be in the car to feel its sheer power.

Now that I have been in a 350Z, my life is almost complete. Now I just have to own one ;) Continue reading