Last day in Paradise

Time flies. It’s Thursday already. One more day and I’ll be flying back to Kuching. I know I’ve been in KL for two weeks even without marking the calander because tomorrow I will be checking out from the hotel that I’ve been staying comfortably for the past 2 weeks. I will move in to my new apartment.

I’m starting to get used to the life here in MAS and KL. Hopefully classes will be less boring than the induction. Seriously, we are learning things that we already know (like to run when you see a fire) and the long hours doesn’t help either. But we watched some do*****entaries on the Airbus A380 so it was not too bad. Kills time really fast.

And the good thing is we have breaks every now and then. We start at 8:30am, then we have break at 9:30 till 10:30, then lunch break from 12:30 till 2pm, and then sort breaks and we end at close to 4:30pm. So it’s very relaxing during this week.

Tomorrow we will be moving in to the new apartment. We cleaned it up just now. It’s great, quiet and cosy. I’m sharing a room with a friend and we got a double decker bed to save space. Going to lug all my stuff from Kuching to my new apartment when I go back this time.

Well, last post from MAA. See you in Kuching! Continue reading

Gaining full access to a server

I have to stop doing this before I get caught and get sent to jail and get kicked out of MAS and get my future all screwed up. But it’s entertaining to be able to break into someone else’s server and get away with it.

Actually I didn’t get away with it. I sent an email to the webmaster to let him know that there’s something that needed to be fixed. And it feels great knowing that you got to it first and not the other “133t” hackers.

Nah, I didn’t steal the passwd or shadow files.

A bit of technical information for those who are interested. The website accidentally allowed normal users to upload malicious files (in this case a php script) on to the server. Since my brother’s site was hacked using the same method, I decided to try it on this server. And it worked. I gained FULL access to the server and I could have deleted everything from there.

But I didn’t. I just sent the email and that was probably the best thing that I have ever done that day. I bet defacing it won’t make me feel half as good =)

Moral of the story: Help others, and you’ll find happiness within. Download this amazing script that I used: (rename to php). Continue reading


Okay, not exactly very fun since the “induction” sessions are very boring. Going through the company rules, what to expect on the course (75% pratical!!), what we should not do, and basically how to survive in MAS.

As you know, the MAS motto now is “going beyond expectations”. Ever heard of the porn movie entitled “kehidupan seorang pramugari yang terlampau”? That’s what we mean by going beyond expectations haha this is just a joke. Don’t kick me out ok?

Do you know how much a foreign traffic controller earn? RM200K. Every month.

So we got a car! And he’s my housemate again. And he’s probably reading this now because I just told him my blog address. Well, you won’t believe what car it is even if I tell you. It’s a KE-70. Still don’t get it? It’s a drift car!

Driving with one hand during a heavy downpour. haha just kidding la, the other hand busy doing something else.

We went and got the keys to our new apartment. The guy will go and get a few things fixed tomorrow and we’ll head over and do some cleaning up once we finish our classes at around 5. The new apartment looks great. Can’t wait to move in.

Okay, we’re not going to be burning a lot of tyres with this engine. At least we have a car.

One thing I hate about KL is the jam. Me and 2 other friends took the free bus service from the Kelana Jaya LRT to 1 Utama and the 15 minutes trip took 1 HOUR AND 45 FREAKING MINUTES!

This is nothing compared to what you really see when you’re there in person.

Well, it’s in focus right? Continue reading

First day at MAS

My first day at MAS was like any other first days. There was nothing much to do. I can’t say too much here in case they discover this blog and accuse me of disclosing company secrets and kicking me out of the program. I can’t afford to go out, not when a 20k monthly salary awaits me at the end of 5 years ;)

Anyways, there are 3 girls in this batch. No comments, because of my new year resolution (refer back). There are a lot of bumis from west Malaysia and only 3 chinese. That wouldn’t be much of a problem because they are also very friendly.

Regarding the apartment, we have decided to let one more of our Sabah friend stay with us. So that means only RM90 rent per month. More money for streamyx and toys! We will be drawing lots to see who gets to have the single rooms and who gets to share the master bedroom. I would prefer to stay in the single room (easier to do stuff) but I don’t mind sharing.

After “work”, 3 of us went to 1 Utama using the free bus service. It jammed along the way and the 15 minutes trip took 1 hour and 45 minutes. Me and a friend from St Jo (taking same course in MAS) were talking and then we suddenly mentioned about the Damai trip we had last year. Turns out, we both had met for a game of beach football before during that time and it was his group who gave us the whole bucketload of food to barbecue!! What a coincidence! What a small world this is =) haha those were the days… read my (very old) blog entry on that trip.

More updates to come after I have done something interesting in MAS. Friend getting a car very soon. The possibilities are endless hehe Continue reading

Pudu fun

Our Genting trip was once again postponed due to lack of people. We went to Pudu (read: engineers’ heaven) and that made all the difference. Me and a friend jointly bought a 3 channel RC helicopter and some parts to build a new PIC programmer.

My five years here is going to be quite fun because there are going to be tons of personal projects coming up. I have now a friend who shares the same interest as me so we can work things out together. It’s going to be exciting.

Counter-rotating main rotors. It’s small and it’s light. Only for indoors though.

Flying in my room. This is really addictive. The controls need time to master because you have to control 3 things at once.

“Do not attempt to repair of modify this equipment”

Oops, forgot to follow the instructions. Looks very simple inside.

The flat silver thing in front is actually the battery. Lithium polymer, weights next to nothing. Then you see the motor and the receiver. The receiver is FULLY PROPORTIONAL!

A look at how to twin rotors work.

A fully proportional remote control. At RM140, this is definately a bargain. Actually it was RM176, but we managed to get the price down.

Watch the heli in action! (74KB wmv video)

The new PIC programmer. Smaller than my previous one, and definately looks neater. Not tested yet due to lack of parts.

I officially start work tomorrow. It’s like the first day of school. Something new. Continue reading