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I MET IDRIS JALA TODAY!!! He was eating in the same cafeteria as I was. In case you don’t know who he is, he’s the new managing director for MAS.

Basic english is not really basic english. We were taught how to communicate effectively, using body language and stuff like that. It’s more like a motivation camp rather than a basic english course. But I’m enjoying it.

Tomorrow we will be required to talk about anything that we want. Since show and tell is included, I decided to bring out the heavy artillary. I am going to bring a coilgun to MAS for show and tell tomorrow. I might be the first person to successfully bring a “gun” in and out of MAS. Damage report later.

Installing headunit on a KE70. Not easy.

As you might know, bird flu had hit KL a few days ago. Around 40 chickens died in Gombak. This might be a good time to stay away from chickens.

Time to blast some hot beats! Notice the mp3 player below.

I will be going Nilai once again this weekend to get my servos. This time, I might take the MAS shuttle straight to KLIA and then take a bus back to Nilai. It might be more convenient for me, but I think it would cost me 20 cents more. See how it goes.

Can you spot the speaker? Neither can I

Then I will be visiting Kin Chern at his new place at IMU. And maybe some other people also after that if I got time. Why do I have so much time?


Yes! I will be doing my practicals next week, for the next 5 weeks!! And I have been assigned to the landing gear and plating section with 4 other coursemates. You know what this means? No more studying for the next 5 weeks!! Just messing around with the carbon disc brakes, wheels, hydraulic systems! This is the life man…

Alright, that’s all for now. I got some hacking tips coming up and a DAMN HARD IQ test coming up. Stay tuned for that. If you have nothing to do, polish your brain for that IQ test =) Continue reading

Bundles of Joy

We’re not talking about children here.

This week has been a lot of fun for me. Getting really used to the life in MAS. Getting up at 6:30am, bath and prepare, leave at 7:30am, buy curry puffs from the “nasi lemak girl”, get caught in the jam till 8am, sometimes 8:15am, sign in and wait for instructor in a freezing cold classroom. Classes start at 8:30am and we have a 30 minutes break at 10am. Without fail, we will be at the cafeteria consuming roti canai or nasi lemak. Then classes resumes at 10:30am till 12:30pm.

Playing games during break?

Nah, just chating on MSN.

We have our lunch at the cafeteria again and since our lunch time is until 2pm, we usually hang around at the cafeteria to oggle at girls from the other departments. The rest of our lunch time is usually spent reading newspapers and playing the fool in class (I’ll show you the “Making of the A390″ video if I have the time to upload it).

This looks way better at night.

Then from 2pm till 3pm it’ll be classes again. We usually go for a drink during the break at 3pm. Then from 3:30pm till 4:30pm, time flies and soon we will be signing out and going home. On the way, we usually stop by the Indian stall to have our usual “roti pisang”. Then we’ll go back to our apartment for rest. At around 8, we’ll go for our dinner and the rest of the evening will be spent playing. I usually go to bed at around 12. The process repeats itself the next day.

15 seconds long exposure. I finally managed to figure out how to set the long shutter.

A few days ago, we nearly got into a fight when 2 drunk men assholes almost picked a fight with my friend after my friend look at him for a nanosecond. I bet anyone will turn around and look if you throw a can of beer on the floor. We left quickly after our dinner and I vowed never to get drunk. Ever. What’s so great about being drunk? You definately don’t look “cool”.

A 747 coming in for maintainence.

I spent my Valentines day with my heli. I managed to get it tuned to perfection and it looks like its going to make a full recovery after the near-fatal crash the other day. However, the tail rotor servo suddenly failed and now it rotates wildly everytime I try to fly it. Servo replacement will come in next week.

Rear view of the hanger.

I’ve been busy the whole week studying for my industrial safety exam. It’s not a hard exam, but it’s not easy if you don’t study either. And get this: If I fail this exam (75% and below), I will get kicked out of the programme. So the stakes are very high. I checked my paper again and again until I swear that if I go through the paper again, I’ll die of boredom. The results came back 4 hours later. I got a 96%.

Working at a hanger or any factory can be very dangerous. That is why we need personal protective equipment (PPE). Here are a few examples:

Ear plugs. Drowns out your boss’ naggings.

The “Darth Vader” mask. Or also commonly known as the gas respirator. When you talk while wearing this mask, you really sound like Darth Vader.

I got my staff ID yesterday! Discounted flights, here I come!

There’s something wrong with this picture. Go figure.

I’m now back at INTI at Nilai. There was a bbq for a friend yesterday who is going to graduate on April. Will post pictures when I get them.

If you still don’t get why this post is entitled “Bundles of Joy”, let me tell you why. Next week, I will be attending a course on basic english. We will learn past, future, and present tenses and how to use them. We will have to pass the exam (75% and above). And if that’s not good enough, get this: I’ll be going for my on-job training (OJT) next next week!! That means no more studying, not more exams and no more books for 5 weeks!! Just tinkering with mechanical stuff!! And the weekend is here! Life doesn’t get any better than this =) Continue reading

Life as a TAME

I’m starting to get used to the life here. It’s not too hectic because most of my time is spent at MAS. Transportation to MAS is not a problem anymore, but to go elsewhere, I still depend greatly on buses and lrts. The only thing lacking here is a stable 24/7 internet connection at my apartment and my laptop. Then my life would be almost complete =)

My industrial safety course is almost over. This friday will be my exam and then it’ll be a whole weekend of partying! Well, maybe not for me since I’ll be taking the long journey back to Nilai and hopefully to Seremban to meet some friends.

My coilgun is back in action! This was fired at only 600 volts. At 700 volts, the nail went in completely and disappeared. Imagine the power at 960 volts.

Seems like our course at MAS has been altered a bit. We will be going for OJT (on job training) next next week!! I can’t wait to get out of class and do some hands on work. Classes are long and boring, especially when they talk about common sense (ie no to put your hands into the blender). But these things do happen. We were shown pictures. Very graphic pictures. I just had nasi lemak and the fingers coming out of the blender looks just like the sambal.

This was the missing picture from my last post.

Valentines day is tomorrow. Read my last post for some inspiration. I haven’t asked anyone out this year. Read my new year’s resolution for more info. I guess I’ll be spending my night studying away for my upcoming exam. Yay to me! =)

When people say not to drink KL water, they seriously mean it. The ceramic filter got clogged up after 2 days.

If you have seen me signing in to MSN these few days using a mobile device, I was actually using my T610 to surf the web. I can login to gmail, hotmail and msn. I can do google searches and image searches. That’s about all I can do now. Now I know why people need GPRS.

In bed listening on my RM10 cd player. Continue reading

A nerd's guide to having a girlfriend.

I am not a self-proclaimed nerd, but neither am I your average guy-next-door teenager. Because most teenagers don’t build coilguns for entertainment and they don’t consider wardriving a “cool” or “in” thing to do. However, I did get a chance to do a review on a girl have a girlfriend and I want to share that experience with all you tech-savvy people (i.e. nerds) so maybe you might better understand how a girl works.

1. Your girlfriend doesn’t come with a manual.

And neither do they come with a backup of their original firmware so you can restore them to their original state after you screw up. If it’s your first time dating, you might find it a bit difficult to understand what they are trying to tell you. No offence here, but most girls don’t tell you directly what they want. They just give you minute (pronounce “my nude”) hints and let you figure the rest out. Take some time to familiarize yourself with her. Observe and make notes if you must. Don’t question her too often or she might think you don’t understand her.

2. There is no “retry” button.

You have to get everything right on the first (or second) try. If you screw up too many times, she’ll leave you. Again, if this is your first time, you have to learn fast. Common sense will help you out most of the time. For example, you should not be pouring through lines of html codes when your girlfriend is trying to communicate with you. Learn from past mistakes. And remember them.

3. Be normal.

No, you don’t have to get a punk haircut or have earrings to be normal. But don’t expect her to be thrilled if you take her along to the National Hacking Competition or some Defcon conventions. Unless she’s a hardcore hacker. Then you would not need to read this anymore. Your life is already complete. Anyways, take her to movies and dinners. Hang out at the local mamak stall or kopitiam (coffee shop) once in a while. You don’t have to bring her to an expensive restaurant or a fancy hotel to impress her. Mine used to like Macdonalds very much. When in public, do what all couples do: PDA*

4. Your girlfriend is not a maintainence free machine.

You have got to stop taking her for granted. She won’t be there forever for you if you neglect her. They need your attention, time, money perhaps. They want you to know that they are there. So call them or SMS them frequently. I don’t care if you do it illegally. Just tell them to be prepared when the cops come knocking. This happened to me once, and it was wasn’t very cool. Set her to “realtime” priority. Remember, she exists 100% of the time, not only when you need her.

5. Diversify.

No doubt she will be glad when you manage to recover all her important files from her dead hard drive, but you need to do more than that to impress her. Or you would be better off as a computer technician. I know, girls are very impressed when you do seemingly impossible tasks, but sometimes they like to have a down-to-earth guy. Take her shopping, and on road trips, and don’t forget to make out. Afterall, she wants to be able to brag to her friends how great (and normal) her day was.

6. Don’t expect your girlfriend to know EVERYTHING.

Just because you are a nerd and you probably know about everything (except girls), don’t expect others to be the same. Telling her about the latest linux kernel release or how the new Intel Macs will be better will probably not turn her on. Be patient when explaining things that are complicated to her. This will show that you really care. One thing that I would like to emphasize greatly is patience. I know we nerds like to have everything fast. Why else do we have computers with dual processors that run at 3.2GHz each? Go slow with your girl. One thing at a time. There’s no shortcut or CTRL-ALT-DEL here.

7. Stick to her.

I’m supposed to tell some lame joke here about using superglue, but I’ll pass. Stick to her. Don’t get distracted by every other girl you see in miniskirt. Respect her. Treat her like there’s only one girl like her in the whole wide world (which is probably true). We tend to go for the latest in technology out there, but it doesn’t apply for girls. She’s special in her own way. If you still have problems controlling your urge of going out with another girl, you need to rethink your current relationship.

8. If all else fails…

Stay single. Girls don’t understand us.

Happy Valentines Day!

*PDA = Public Display of Affection
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