How to use Midvalley MPH's internet for free

For this hack, you just need yourself! Okay, on with the hack.

Ever found yourself at Midvalley with nothing to do? Then suddenly, you had the urge to check your mail or update your blog or just kill time? Have no fear, head over to MPH (bottom floor, opposite Cititel). Now, follow the following steps carefully and you will get what you want:

Step 1:
Go find the computer nearest to the cashier. On the computer monitor will be a “warning”, saying that if you want to surf other sites other than “”, you should go over to use the paid internet service that they offer. But this tutorial is entitled “How to use Midvalley MPH’s internet for free”, not “How to use Midvalley MPH’s internet for a fee”. So on with step 2. Oh, by the way, make sure no one’s acting suspicious around you.

Step 2:
You will see IE opened up to already. Ignore this. BUT WAIT! The address bar has been removed! So how do you go to other sites? This is where this hack comes in. On the keyboard (with IE in focus), press CTRL-E and this will bring up the search bar.

Step 3:
Type in “google” in the search field. Press “ENTER”.

Step 4:
You will be directed to MSN’s search site. Choose from there. You will then be redirected to You can get to virtually any site from here.

Step 5:
Wow, I’m surprised you’re still reading this. Go Midvalley now!! Be sure to surf back to when you are done with it.

What MPH should do: Use firefox in the kisok mode.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for whatever that happens to you.

ps: This doesn’t even qualify as a hack if you think about it. Anyways, this hack was discovered 3 years ago. Wonder when they will start noticing people surfing using that computer. Continue reading

Facts on Aircraft

These are things that you probably don’t know unless you’re in the aircraft business. Enjoy.

  1. The main entry door costs RM1 million. There are a few of these doors on an aircraft.
  2. Did you know that there is a secret compartment at the toilet door so you can open it FROM THE OUTSIDE?
  3. Toilet bowls costs US$70k and they are smarter than your average washing machine. They have built in ROM and memory and they are virtually failsafe. You can “talk” to the toilet bowl using Hyperterminal through your computer’s serial port.
  4. The wiring in the A380 weights 1000kg.
  5. The aircraft’s main power supply rating is 115v @ 400Hz.
  6. Most electronic components on the plane is military grade. No wonder a mic costs RM4k.
  7. Aircraft tyres can be “rethreaded” up to 5 times.
  8. Reverse thrust doesn’t exactly reverses the spinning direction of the blades. The thrust is just deflected 40 degrees to the front.
  9. Brakes are useless without flaps and ground spoilers.
  10. The pilot can’t see the ground directly under him while in the cockpit. He relies 100% on the altimeter.
  11. A 747 toilet bowl uses just 200ml of water for each flush. Compare that to the 7 liters you use each time you flush your toilet.
  12. Weight is such an important issue in an aircraft that they will use materials 100 times more expensive to reduce weight.
  13. DO NOT FLUSH THE AIRCRAFT TOILET WHILE SITTING ON IT! Babies have been delivered this way.
  14. ALL hydraulic pumps contains 9 pistons, regardless its size, make or model.
  15. Toilet bowls are Teflon coated (non-stick!) for obvious reasons.
  16. A metal bottle can actually EXPAND when water is forced into it at high pressure (4000PSI).
  17. The only aircraft that can interchange its landing gear is the Fokker 50. This means you can swap the right landing gear with the left. No other aircraft can do that.
  18. Paint strippers can strip skin and flesh too.
  19. When you flush the toilet in a 737, you are actually using waste water from the sewage tank to flush. This is a recirculating flushing system. Ewww…
  20. Most toilet failures are caused by people throwing too much tissue into the toilet bowl.
  21. There are 2 flight control computers so if one fails, the other will take over.
  22. For important flight information, there will be 3 gauges on the cockpit panel: One for the pilot, one for the copilot and the other one as backup if both the above gauges give very different readings.

There are still many more that I can’t remember now. I’ll do a part2 soon. And if you have noticed that I talk a lot about toilet bowls, that’s because I’m in sanitary bay this week ;)

Disclaimer: Facts may not be 100% accurate. Not all facts are included. Facts that can cause fear of travel by air have been removed. Continue reading