Last few days of fun

Fun is going to be over for me quite soon because soon I’ll be heading back to class for courses. I heard it’s going to be maths and physics. OJT has been really fun. There’s much to learn and to do. But the main purpose of this OJT was to let us to get to know the people on the floor better so next time when we need to get something done, it would be easier.

I can see that this is going to be a very fragmented post. I haven’t been going online for some time and I think I can finally kick my net addiction. But I still rely greatly on the internet to provide me with the latest info and stuff. And I know I haven’t been blogging much haha due to the lack of time and the lack of money to spend at the cc.

Meanwhile, I have been cooking home cooked meals for the past few days. Nothing beats knowing that you can eat as much as you want without worrying about the price. And you can cook egg, pork, chicken to your liking!

Thinking of building a light sabre this weekend. I know where to find the vital parts already. Imagine fighting in front of my apartment at night using 2 of those. It’s really going to scare the **** out of the rukun tetangga (neighbourhood patrol) people hahaha video will come soon if everything goes well.

My coilgun plans have been coming along quite well. The portable version might be out as early as this year if budget and time allows. Test firing the other day at only 600v produced stunning results. It went right thru a can and it went into the thick cardboard box that was supposed to stop it. Imagine what would happen at 960v?

I will be going to Subang ss17 (?) to play futsal with the machinists from the machine shop tomorrow. Will keep you all updated on the latest happenings. Till then, happy living! Continue reading