Facts on Aircraft

These are things that you probably don’t know unless you’re in the aircraft business. Enjoy.

  1. The main entry door costs RM1 million. There are a few of these doors on an aircraft.
  2. Did you know that there is a secret compartment at the toilet door so you can open it FROM THE OUTSIDE?
  3. Toilet bowls costs US$70k and they are smarter than your average washing machine. They have built in ROM and memory and they are virtually failsafe. You can “talk” to the toilet bowl using Hyperterminal through your computer’s serial port.
  4. The wiring in the A380 weights 1000kg.
  5. The aircraft’s main power supply rating is 115v @ 400Hz.
  6. Most electronic components on the plane is military grade. No wonder a mic costs RM4k.
  7. Aircraft tyres can be “rethreaded” up to 5 times.
  8. Reverse thrust doesn’t exactly reverses the spinning direction of the blades. The thrust is just deflected 40 degrees to the front.
  9. Brakes are useless without flaps and ground spoilers.
  10. The pilot can’t see the ground directly under him while in the cockpit. He relies 100% on the altimeter.
  11. A 747 toilet bowl uses just 200ml of water for each flush. Compare that to the 7 liters you use each time you flush your toilet.
  12. Weight is such an important issue in an aircraft that they will use materials 100 times more expensive to reduce weight.
  13. DO NOT FLUSH THE AIRCRAFT TOILET WHILE SITTING ON IT! Babies have been delivered this way.
  14. ALL hydraulic pumps contains 9 pistons, regardless its size, make or model.
  15. Toilet bowls are Teflon coated (non-stick!) for obvious reasons.
  16. A metal bottle can actually EXPAND when water is forced into it at high pressure (4000PSI).
  17. The only aircraft that can interchange its landing gear is the Fokker 50. This means you can swap the right landing gear with the left. No other aircraft can do that.
  18. Paint strippers can strip skin and flesh too.
  19. When you flush the toilet in a 737, you are actually using waste water from the sewage tank to flush. This is a recirculating flushing system. Ewww…
  20. Most toilet failures are caused by people throwing too much tissue into the toilet bowl.
  21. There are 2 flight control computers so if one fails, the other will take over.
  22. For important flight information, there will be 3 gauges on the cockpit panel: One for the pilot, one for the copilot and the other one as backup if both the above gauges give very different readings.

There are still many more that I can’t remember now. I’ll do a part2 soon. And if you have noticed that I talk a lot about toilet bowls, that’s because I’m in sanitary bay this week ;)

Disclaimer: Facts may not be 100% accurate. Not all facts are included. Facts that can cause fear of travel by air have been removed. Continue reading

Things you can do with your Eten M600

This must be the longest “hiatus” in my blogging history. I don’t know if that word exists but many people are using it so I’ll do the same hehe anyways, been real busy with my life and pda and I’m actually going to show you what you can actually do with your pda.

One of the first thing that you want to do is to make it look like a cool Apple product. What better than to transform it into an iPod?

First or second generation iPod

Playing songs. The click wheel REALLY WORKS. You use it like you would with a real iPod.

This piece of neat software is called “pPod”. It’s no longer being developed because they got sued by Apple for obvious reasons. It’s really fun to just scroll around songs using your thumb and the touch screen.

If you are more into games, try Age of Empires. There are other games such as Tomb Raider and NFS for download online.

Can really kill off time when you are on the plane or on the bus.

This thing acts like an iPod video too! Except that it’s got around 40 times less space than an iPod. But it plays videos longer than the iPod and you don’t get copyright problems. Just simple drag and drop. I watched the very first episode of Smallville on it while on the way back from Midvalley. I had already arrived before I even finished it.

The lines there are due to the macro mode.

And of course, the best thing you can do with it is to surf the net. You might think, how handy might that come in? Very handy. There was once when my friend urgently needed to check the price of the Airasia ticket back to Kuching. And then there was this other time when we needed to check out how hot Alizee (French singer) actually was when we were at the mamak stall. Yes! Mamak stalls are now going wireless! And yes, she was hot.

Runs Opera too! (IE shown here)

Now I’m trying to write my own programs for it. The possibilities are endless. Continue reading

New Eten M600 PDA phone

I went to Midvalley yesterday and bought a new bluetooth enabled phone, camera, mp3 player, video player, 1GB of storage and a wifi enabled device. Actually I just bought an Eten M600 PDA phone. It integrates all that into one small device =)

RM2588 with free 1GB SD memory card.

I did not plan to get anything on that day although I have been eyeing the o2 XDA IIi for some time already. But when I tried out the Eten M600, I was impressed by its many features and especially its speed. And since it was on promotion, why not?

Perfect replacement for my ageing T610. It’s not too bulky to carry around, unlike some bigger PDAs.

I’m not going to do a review now since I only had it for one day. But so far I’m very impressed with its functions. I can listen music on the go (during my bus trip to KLIA), use wifi (at KLIA), watch videos, take pictures and not to mention make calls and send smses.

I just love the touch screen.

To make calls, I just tap the numbers on the screen with my fingers. To send smses, I just write using the stylus. The handwriting need to get used to though. Anyways, the first sms I sent was to my brother, saying that I am sending him that message through my Eten M600. The first call I made was to my mum, saying that I have made good use of the RM2500 hehe

High resolution screen. You have MS Office here too.

The thing that I love best about this PDA is the wifi. This means that anywhere I go, if there is a hotspot, I can check my email, read news, blog, chat on MSN, make free calls through Skype and many more. I was at KLIA just now using its free wifi while waiting for my dad and brother to arrive.

Who needs an iPod video when you have this? The video quality is extremely good.

There are tons of programs for PDAs floating around the internet. Imagine the countless possible things that I can do with this PDA. I can’t imagine. Continue reading

Busy Week

I have come to realise that the Internet is a dream world most of us come to to escape reality. It’s like being plugged into the Matrix, you can be anyone, do anything and leave anytime you want. Right now I feel like I’m more into reality than ever before.

I just had the best roti pisang for dinner. You can’t get anything better than that. The smell of the sizzling hot, fresh, crunchy roti just makes you want to eat it. And it’s so good that you can eat it without the kuah. And I live just 5 minutes away from that =)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There are 74 steps that separates my apartment from the ground.

Today is the end of my OJT at the hydraulic workshop. We completed the assembly of the variable displacement hydraulic pump. And today (friday), 3 of my housemates took leave but Alvin was kind enough to send us there in the morning. Really appreciate it, since the bus is almost always packed to the brim in the mornings.

Friday is always housekeeping day. We clean the tools, materials, stuff and other things. I did testing on a few hydraulic lines today. I’m sure glad I didn’t take leave because there’s just so much to learn in one day. You’ll never know what you have missed until it is too late.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

No wonder Malaysians are such bad drivers. We can’t even use a trolley without getting into an accident.

I will be heading to Shah Alam with my friends from the same batch to play futsal later. This will be my first time playing in two months. I hope I haven’t rusted too much haha

I guess that’s all for now. There’s still a lot to tell but not enough time. Going to Pudu and Midvalley tomorrow. There’s an event at Midvalley on technology gadgets. For geeks only though ;) Continue reading

Completing the change

It’s been almost 2 months since I arrived here and stayed in a place different than my INTI hostel. There were some problems at the beginning but now everything is settling down. I’m quite happy at the way things are right now. Maybe a Streamyx connection will really round things up.

Try playing to level 9 on a T610. It lags so much that you have to have ESP to predict the position of the bricks.

Anyways, just a short post with a lot of pictures to summarise things up since this cybercafe is closing soon. Too much sleep and 1.5 liter of green tea is not recommended for someone who needs to wake up at 6 the next day.

Yay, finally we have ICE!

And we have the new (free) fridge to thank!

Okay, I was exaggerating about the total loss of the heli the other day. But I think it has suffered too much structual damage to be flown again.I stripped off all the electronics and hung it in my room.

Bent tail

Quote from my friend who saw this picture: “You guys fly so near to the celling so dangerous!”

The only thing that keeps me sane after work are my electronics. Now I’m working with the pic 16F84 again, planning on a project that involves using the device’s eprom to store messages.

My LCD back in action.

Messy as usual.

Wow… PSP

At MAS, I’m now at the mineral hydraulics workshop. We will be assembling a variable delivery hydraulic pump tomorrow. Contains over 200 parts and the manual looks like a Tamiya car’s assembly instruction with exploded views. This is what I call fun, not work. Continue reading