Long time no update. Even with streamyx I do get lazy sometimes. But sometimes it’s because I typed a long post and I accidentally deleted it. This is one of the times. I actually prepared a post on friday but due to my carelessness, I forgot to post it. And it’s gone because I closed my browser.

Toyota MR2 parked beside us at the carpark. Too bad it’s a 2 seater. How to bring friends like that?

I started the post by writing about how friday is the most looked forward day of the week. And this friday is special because monday is labour day and I just got my exam result back (96%). And the best thing is that for the first time, I can celebrate labour day without any guilt because in a way I’m working already. So for all of you still in college and studying and using this labour day as an excuse to have a holiday, shame on you =)

Tank being transported away from the defence exhibition near Subang Airport. Read the papers to find out about the M4 rifles we are buying.

Anyways, I realise that I like to use anyways a lot. Anyways, this weekend will be special because we have a special guest. A friend of my housemate is coming over to stay for the weekend and she is a girl. So no more walking around shirtless/naked, making sick and dirty jokes, doing retarded stuff and acting like a retard.

Hmm… should look better with some bling bling rims and some spinners…

Yes, it does! With 50″ rims, this tank is going to cost a bomb. Note: photoshop done in a hurry hehe

Went skating just now. Only skated for a mere 2 hours because my feet suddenly feel like giving up on me. The pain was unbearable. It was just one spot on my left foot due to the skates. So I retired for the day and went to meet my dad who came to Sunway Piramid.

So to wrap up the week, I’ll say that it has been quite a relaxing week except for the exam on tuesday. And this week was the first time I called home using skype on my pda. No lag, no nothing. Free calls back forever ;) Continue reading

How to use your computer without a hard disk

If you have seen me online in MSN a few days ago and realise that I don’t have a display picture or the ability to nudge, that’s because I wasn’t using MSN messenger. I was running Knoppix, a flavour of linux on my laptop without a hard disk because the hard disk was in a bad condition. My brother swapped it with my hard disk before he went back Kuching and left me to clean the mess up. That’s going to cost him a car.

Full graphical user interface.

Contrary to the belif that linux is a command line operating system and requires a linux guru to make it work, Knoppix is actually very user friendly. Well, in fact all linuxes nowadays are very user friendly. I remember a time when getting linux to display the GUI and to play sound was a very challenging task. But now times have changed, and if you start using now, you’ll probably never understand what we went through during the older days.

Okay, back to the topic of running linux without a hard disk. First, you have to get Knoppix. If you have streamyx or some DSL equivalent, then good for you because the file is around 700mb. Go to its official website here and download the latest knoppix version. After you have downloaded the ISO file, burn it to a CD and label it so you wouldn’t have trouble finding it later. Now put it into your cdrom drive and boot from it.

Pop in the cd, press enter and you’ll see this. Owh.. now you know all my system specs..

The best thing about Knoppix is that it doesn’t disturb your hard disk. So you can “dual-boot” without having to install knoppix! And since everything is autodetected, you just need to sit back, relax and wait for the GUI.


After you have booted up, you should see a welcome page. Congratulations! You can start using your knoppix! For starters, browse around the operating system. Make yourself familiar with the interface, use some simple commands and stuff. If you get stuck, google is your friend.

Until next time, stick to the games in linux. I’ll release a tutorial on how to get internet access using knoppix if your lan or wireless card is supported. Knoppix has a nice script called “netcardconfig”. A hint if you don’t want to wait ;) Continue reading

Tiring Tuesday

Once again, I haven’t been releasing details of my daily life here for quite some time already. And since this blog is for me to keep track of my life, I should really write my life into it. So when I’m old, I might be able to laugh at myself for buying a 40GB hard disk for my laptop, which is exactly what I’ll do now if I think of the 80MB hard disk I used to use on a 486 ages ago.

Google is your friend when you are studying. So having two is better than one.

Anyways, today is exam day (and pay day!! ka-ching!!). Exams are always fun because after the exam, there’s tons of fun to look forward to. But this fun usually last about 1 or 2 days. Because we have new courses coming up. Check out the thickness of the book used in the next 10-day course.

Haven’t counted the pages, but rough estimate around 500-600. In 10 days.

For today’s fun, I went to Sunway Piramid right after work. Main purpose is to get a new laptop hard disk. Why do I need a new hard disk? Long story, reserve for next post. Secondary purpose is to skate. However, skating became my primary purpose and I spent 2 hours skating non-stop. Legs are killing me now. Then I spend 15 minutes on dinner and 5 minutes on buying the hard disk.

40GB 8MB cache 5400rpm ATA laptop hard disk for only RM225.

Shopkeepers know how to earn money. Let me prove it to you by telling you how I got this hard disk. First, I went to the first computer shop I see. I ask for a 40GB laptop hard disk. The guy shows me a RM300 hard disk. I know that it should cost around RM250 because I’ve done my research. So I ask how much discount he can give. So he thinks for a while and said lowest RM230.

Outside, I look calm and composed. But inside my head I was screaming expletives at him. He just shaved RM70 off the price!! Just like that! What if I didn’t ask for a discount? He would charge me RM300 straight away and earn RM70 as “dumb-customer bonus”!! So I pretend to think deeply. And I asked him how much lower can he go, as if a RM70 discount was not enough.

RM225. The lowest he can give me. I pretended to think for a while, and offered to buy it for RM220, which is of course a totally useless suggestion. And he insisted that he’ll only earn 5 bucks out of this! So seeing that he is firm with his RM225, I paid him and walk off with RM75 more in my pocket. Now I’m blogging using my RM225 harddisk that would otherwise cost RM75 more if I didn’t ask for a discount. Now where should I spend that RM75?

Anyways, the moral of the story is, if you are in KL, you must know how to bargain. If not, ask someone else who knows to do it for you. You can save a lot of money which you can donate to me for telling you this =) Email me for my Maybank account. Continue reading

Tweaks2K2 .NET

We humans are never satisfied with what we have. We’ll never keep anything stock (original condition). Say you have a new laptop. Chances are you’ll change the wallpaper, change the mouse cursor, change the themes and so on. And if you have a car, how many can resist keeping everything stock? Bodykits, exhausts, air intakes, rims, decals, gt wings and stickers would come flying on to the car faster than you can say “Ah Beng!” Anyways, this post will help you feel comfortable with your (hopefully) new Eten M600.

This shows a slightly modified main screen of your PDA

Unfortunately for Windows Mobile 5 users, there isn’t a “color scheme changing” page that allows you to change the color scheme. All you can do is download themes and pray that they are to your taste. But fortunately for Windows Mobile 5 users, there is a program called Tweaks2K2 .NET.

The first thing I did was change the wallpaper to a more suitable one. Here you can see that the color of her clothes doesn’t exactly match with the start bar and everything. And since I can’t ask her to change clothes (ignore lame joke), I might as well change the color schemes.

Here’s the page to set the color. We’ll give it a purplish pink. I know, it looks feminine. My friends have noticed.

And there, she looks much better now. I did change some other stuff like the text color and the line color. All can be done using Tweaks2K2 .NET

Various other stuff can be customized here. There are tons of other settings to pimp up your Eten.

Tweaks2K2 .NET trial version can be downloaded from To upgrade it to the full version, pay up or use your brain. Great program if you love to have things YOUR way.

ps: Ignore the clock. Picture of girl HERE. Continue reading