April's Fool

April’s Fool comes only once in a year. Who can just let it pass like that? I certainly can’t. So last Saturday, 1st of April, a few of us decided to prank some of our apartment mates who didn’t follow us to watch the movie Lucky Number Selevin. It was a bit spontaneous, no script, no preparations, no nothing. We were going to the toilet and I saw the public phone and I just did it. Comes to show what a good liar I am hehe. Anyways, here’s how it went. Names have been censored to protect privacy.

Me: Hello, is this *****? You and ***** still at home?

Friend: Yeah, who is this? Chen? (I was using a public phone)

Me: Yes. I’m calling from the Sunway police station. We got stopped by the police just now. **** was drinking. Now we’re at the police station and we need someone to bail us out.

Friend: What? Serious?

Me: Yes, I’m not kidding. They give us this one phone call so I decided to call you guys. I need to hang up soon.

Friend: So what we do now?

Me: ****** says you can drive his car here or you can take a taxi. You know the Sunway police station? Beside Sunway Piramid (there is really a police station beside Sunway). Just tell them that. And bring RM200 for the bail.

At this point, the 40 cents that I put into the pubilc phone ran out and I got cut off. Now, being good friends, we decided to call them back and give them a loud “gotcha!” “April’s fool!”. And so that was a memorable April’s fool. My friend later admitted that he actually thought it was real because it’s quite likely for **** to get drunk and then drive.

ps: I actually planned to burn Alvin’s car, but then we would face transportation problems to work =)

pss: None of us ever drink and drive. Continue reading

Idle weekend

This weekend seem to be the only weekend that I didn’t go out. Except for the movie “Lucky Number Selvin” at Sunway Piramid on Saturday night, I pratically stayed at my apartment, sleeping and playing Fallout 1. It was probably due to the futsal on Friday night and going to Asia Cafe after that and coming home at around 2:30pm.

Expert egg flipper Tan makes a costly mistake.

Anyways, on job training is over for us. It’s back to the classroom and books. For the last week, I witnessed the creation of an altimeter mount from a square piece of aluminium 2024 to a round piece of “artwork”. It took 4 days of sawing, milling and lathing. I “worked” overtime till 9pm just to see how to make it round.

Stereo handsfree set.

I thought my Eten M600 gave up its stereo capabilities a few days ago when my stereo earphones output just one channel of audio. I called the shop that sold it to me and they say to bring it to Sungei Wang repair and service station for a checkup. I was going to go on Saturday but I woke up only at 11am.

Lucky for me, because the problem turned out to be on the earphones. One side was dead. I used my friend’s W800i headphones and it was all okay =)

So yea, I guess this is all the updates that I have. Cooking dinner can be quite tiring. Continue reading

New hamsters

We got 2 hamsters on Saturday from Pets’ Wonderland near the Subang Jaya Asia Cafe. They are very small and tiny to the extend that they can squeeze out of the cage! You can’t really grab them using your hands because you risk squashing them because they look so fragile. And when they are on the run, it’s next to impossible to catch them because they run fast. And I mean really fast. Pictures:

They look like balls of fur when they are resting.

Trying to get out.

Idling at a corner. Usually they are very active.

To show how fast they move, I got a video (688KB) here. I hope they’ll slow down soon so we can actually get them out of the cage to play =) Continue reading