Ice skating

After being in KL for more than a year, I’ve been to Sunway Piramid many times. But this time (last Saturday), four of us decided to give skating a try (3 of us have never skated on ice before). My friend who has 4 skating sessions under his belt told us that it would be easy if we had played roller-blades before because it’s based on the same concept. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to rollerblade in my entire life so you can imagine my fear.

Looks easy from the top, but when you actually try skating on ice, you’ll know how difficult it is.

But since we have made the decision to try, we cannot back out. Even if it means falling down countless times and making a fool out of ourselves, we got to start somewhere right? So after lunch, we went.

First we have to have proper skates. Faces have been removed to protect privacy.

During weekends, it’s RM16 for one day, unlimited time. We paid, got our skates and got ready to get on the ice. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures here because cameras aren’t allowed.

Stepping on the ice for the very first time, I was actually wondering if it was possible to skate on ice. There is totally NO CONTROL. I couldn’t move forwards, I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t turn. In short, I can’t do anything because everything I try to do, I have the feeling that I was going to fall.

For the first 10 minutes, I just stood by the side, trying to get used to everything. I can’t describe how hard it is to stand still and not slide around. It’s like you’re walking on ice. Every move you make, you feel like slipping down.

Resurfacing the ice. This car actually drifts around the corner. haha a bit la

Lucky for me, my friend who had skated before advised me what to do. Keep your legs apart, and try to move forwards by pushing your skates outward at an angle. Simple instructions, but seemingly impossible to follow. I was afraid of falling everytime I try to do that.

Sometime later (half and hour maybe?), I conquered my fear and I started moving forwards. It was easy once you get used to it. All you need is practice, practice and practice. In the next hour, I could comfortably skate around the place. 3 hours later, I had no problems with turning and accelerating. In the forth hour, I can go without falling down for almost 30 minutes!

Falling down is something you WILL experience when trying to skate.

I lost count of how many times I fell down. Some were minor slips, some were major tumbles. But it was okay. Learned many things from those falls. Some good, some bad.

Looks like it was a “washed out” day for people at sunway lagoon.

Went to hartz for dinner after 5 hours of skating. I went home unable to shower properly because my arms refuse to move. My ankles hurt and my legs were killing me. But overall it was a great and exciting day for me. Tried out something totally new to me, and I’m hooked. Going again next Saturday! Continue reading