Short talk

I’m at Nick’s place right now using his internet at 3:44am. Frankly I’m not in the mood to blog because I just downed a few cups of alcohol and I’m not feeling down to earth now. Anyways, just to get you all up to date with the current happenings, here’s a recap of the week.

The physics test on Thursday was a real challenge but I got 100% anyways. It was luck by the way. I was deciding whether to change a question’s answer from B to A when I suddenly remembered a probability experiment I did with Joel sometime ago. It goes something like this:

Say there are 3 doors and a man has to choose one door. And behind one door, there is a Merc. After doing countless simulation with a vb program that I wrote, I concluded (but I was never proven correct) that if he chooses a door, and then changes his mind and choose another door, he will have 66.66% chance of getting the Merc instead of the 33.33% chance. Wierd eh?

Long story on this one: This guy was seen begging here at the LRT station. His hands are deformed (ie no fingers). But guess what he’s doing? He’s smoking a cigaratte.

So anyways, I changed that question and I got it right. The moral of this story is to study harder and not play more counterstrike. And talking about counterstrike, anyone tried using bluetooth to link up 2 computers and play counterstrike before? I tell you, it sucks. But that is a thing of the past because we just got a new wireless router at PC fair! Pictures to come soon because I forgot to bring my camera.

And talking about PC fair, there are a lot of hot girls there. Main reason? To attract guys. To me, I think it’s not right to exploit someone’s sexuality even though you pay them. It’s like selling themselves for a bit of money. And to make matters worse, some of them can’t really help you out with the technical specs. I think it’s all eye candy.

Every picture tells a story. This picture has a very strange story behind it. Read on.

We decided to eat at Nando’s after our first round at the PC fair. After finishing my meal in record time since I was extremely hungry, I decided to turn on my pda’s bluetooth. I’ll dedicate an entire post on bluetooth viruses soon (YES! NOW YOU NEED ANTIVIRUS FOR YOUR SYMBIAN OS PHONE!). Once I turned it on, someone sent me a picture. It’s the picture above. Then after a while, I got a business card (phone number so I won’t publish it here). And there’s actually someone who named his phone “Be gorgeous to reply”. I didn’t reply. It’s amazing what you can get from thin air around you nowadays.

Went to lowyat instead of ice skating because Alvin wanted to get a new computer. He got his computer and I got a new pair of earphones for my pda. I need pictures to describe it so I’ll leave it to the next post. All I can say is that the bass is great on this earphone and it has passive noise cancellation. Again, need pictures to understand so next time then.

It’s 4:35am now. Should really go wake kc up and go sleep. Continue reading