Peltier cooler

About a week ago, I have never heard of such a thing called a peltier cooler. When my housemate bought a CPU cooler that cools using electricity from lowyat, I was very surprised and amazed. I kept thinking to myself on the way back home how such a thing can work. I’ve heard of using compressors and feron gases to produce subzero temperatures. But using electricity alone? You can imagine my curiousity.

Subzero 4G for rm50 at lowyat.

The main component of this cooler is the peltier plate. It’s a plate that, when voltage is applied, creates a a temperature difference between its top and bottom plate. In short, when electricity is applied, the top plate becomes hot and the bottom plate becomes cold.

The peltier plate.

The peltier plate does this by transferring heat energy. And the interesting thing is that if you reverse the polarity, the hot and cold sides will switch. The more interesting thing is that if you apply more voltage, it gets colder.

Stuff that came in the package. Heatsink with peltier plate, casing fan, microcontroller to control the temperature.

The peltier cooler.

This thing is very cold when running. It’s not like normal cool, but it’s cold. It’s like touching ice. If you can’t take my word for it, look at the picture below.

You can see drops of water forming on the plate due to condensation!

This peltier technology has been around for a long time. It’s just that it’s not too pratical for some applications because it’s not very efficient. Anyways, some links for further reading:

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A really cool piece of gadget. Pun intended.

UPDATE: How to make ice using your peltier cooler.

Put something hot on it and ice will form. Continue reading

New firmware 0215

I’ve decided to start a topic for Eten users out there so you too can get the best out of your pda. Since this is the first post for this topic so I’ll start off by providing you with the latest firmware for your Eten M600. This firmware (0215) is way faster than the previous one (0213) , at least that’s how my pda feels. If you are experiencing laggy video playback with 0213, this should fix everything up ;)

EUU_M600_WWE_R01_100_00215.exe (40.8MB)

Updating the firmware is as straight forward as plugging your pda to your computer’s usb port, running the downloaded program, and following some on screen instructions. Don’t worry too much about the warnings because they might seem very intimidating (i.e. 1 wrong move will render your pda useless) for the average user. Nothing has gone wrong with mine before. Happy flashing! Continue reading