Tweaks2K2 .NET

We humans are never satisfied with what we have. We’ll never keep anything stock (original condition). Say you have a new laptop. Chances are you’ll change the wallpaper, change the mouse cursor, change the themes and so on. And if you have a car, how many can resist keeping everything stock? Bodykits, exhausts, air intakes, rims, decals, gt wings and stickers would come flying on to the car faster than you can say “Ah Beng!” Anyways, this post will help you feel comfortable with your (hopefully) new Eten M600.

This shows a slightly modified main screen of your PDA

Unfortunately for Windows Mobile 5 users, there isn’t a “color scheme changing” page that allows you to change the color scheme. All you can do is download themes and pray that they are to your taste. But fortunately for Windows Mobile 5 users, there is a program called Tweaks2K2 .NET.

The first thing I did was change the wallpaper to a more suitable one. Here you can see that the color of her clothes doesn’t exactly match with the start bar and everything. And since I can’t ask her to change clothes (ignore lame joke), I might as well change the color schemes.

Here’s the page to set the color. We’ll give it a purplish pink. I know, it looks feminine. My friends have noticed.

And there, she looks much better now. I did change some other stuff like the text color and the line color. All can be done using Tweaks2K2 .NET

Various other stuff can be customized here. There are tons of other settings to pimp up your Eten.

Tweaks2K2 .NET trial version can be downloaded from To upgrade it to the full version, pay up or use your brain. Great program if you love to have things YOUR way.

ps: Ignore the clock. Picture of girl HERE. Continue reading