Tiring Tuesday

Once again, I haven’t been releasing details of my daily life here for quite some time already. And since this blog is for me to keep track of my life, I should really write my life into it. So when I’m old, I might be able to laugh at myself for buying a 40GB hard disk for my laptop, which is exactly what I’ll do now if I think of the 80MB hard disk I used to use on a 486 ages ago.

Google is your friend when you are studying. So having two is better than one.

Anyways, today is exam day (and pay day!! ka-ching!!). Exams are always fun because after the exam, there’s tons of fun to look forward to. But this fun usually last about 1 or 2 days. Because we have new courses coming up. Check out the thickness of the book used in the next 10-day course.

Haven’t counted the pages, but rough estimate around 500-600. In 10 days.

For today’s fun, I went to Sunway Piramid right after work. Main purpose is to get a new laptop hard disk. Why do I need a new hard disk? Long story, reserve for next post. Secondary purpose is to skate. However, skating became my primary purpose and I spent 2 hours skating non-stop. Legs are killing me now. Then I spend 15 minutes on dinner and 5 minutes on buying the hard disk.

40GB 8MB cache 5400rpm ATA laptop hard disk for only RM225.

Shopkeepers know how to earn money. Let me prove it to you by telling you how I got this hard disk. First, I went to the first computer shop I see. I ask for a 40GB laptop hard disk. The guy shows me a RM300 hard disk. I know that it should cost around RM250 because I’ve done my research. So I ask how much discount he can give. So he thinks for a while and said lowest RM230.

Outside, I look calm and composed. But inside my head I was screaming expletives at him. He just shaved RM70 off the price!! Just like that! What if I didn’t ask for a discount? He would charge me RM300 straight away and earn RM70 as “dumb-customer bonus”!! So I pretend to think deeply. And I asked him how much lower can he go, as if a RM70 discount was not enough.

RM225. The lowest he can give me. I pretended to think for a while, and offered to buy it for RM220, which is of course a totally useless suggestion. And he insisted that he’ll only earn 5 bucks out of this! So seeing that he is firm with his RM225, I paid him and walk off with RM75 more in my pocket. Now I’m blogging using my RM225 harddisk that would otherwise cost RM75 more if I didn’t ask for a discount. Now where should I spend that RM75?

Anyways, the moral of the story is, if you are in KL, you must know how to bargain. If not, ask someone else who knows to do it for you. You can save a lot of money which you can donate to me for telling you this =) Email me for my Maybank account. Continue reading