Long time no update. Even with streamyx I do get lazy sometimes. But sometimes it’s because I typed a long post and I accidentally deleted it. This is one of the times. I actually prepared a post on friday but due to my carelessness, I forgot to post it. And it’s gone because I closed my browser.

Toyota MR2 parked beside us at the carpark. Too bad it’s a 2 seater. How to bring friends like that?

I started the post by writing about how friday is the most looked forward day of the week. And this friday is special because monday is labour day and I just got my exam result back (96%). And the best thing is that for the first time, I can celebrate labour day without any guilt because in a way I’m working already. So for all of you still in college and studying and using this labour day as an excuse to have a holiday, shame on you =)

Tank being transported away from the defence exhibition near Subang Airport. Read the papers to find out about the M4 rifles we are buying.

Anyways, I realise that I like to use anyways a lot. Anyways, this weekend will be special because we have a special guest. A friend of my housemate is coming over to stay for the weekend and she is a girl. So no more walking around shirtless/naked, making sick and dirty jokes, doing retarded stuff and acting like a retard.

Hmm… should look better with some bling bling rims and some spinners…

Yes, it does! With 50″ rims, this tank is going to cost a bomb. Note: photoshop done in a hurry hehe

Went skating just now. Only skated for a mere 2 hours because my feet suddenly feel like giving up on me. The pain was unbearable. It was just one spot on my left foot due to the skates. So I retired for the day and went to meet my dad who came to Sunway Piramid.

So to wrap up the week, I’ll say that it has been quite a relaxing week except for the exam on tuesday. And this week was the first time I called home using skype on my pda. No lag, no nothing. Free calls back forever ;) Continue reading