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Since I got bigger space and higher bandwidth on this site now, I decided to host my own videos instead on relying on other free video hosting sites. This way I get better reliability and less hassle to upload my videos. I got my script from this site.

RC plane. This thing is LOUD! This was taken at INTI College Nilai on a Sunday afternoon. Continue reading

ASP week

My baby hamsters all died.

For four weeks, I will be doing hands-on at MAS. Now after 4 days, my arms are so tired that I can’t even lift them without feeling pain. Imagine sawing and filing through MILD STEEL. It’s nothing like cutting wood or aluminium. If you want to see how difficult it is, go cut your neighbour’s gate. And take that difficulty, multiply it by 10, because your neighbour’s gate is probably hollow mild steel. We’re talking about solid blocks of steel here.

This is our second project: a bottle opener. This is way smaller than our first one. I’ll get some pictures of the first one if I can.

We are given a drawing and materials and tools and we are expected to come up with the final product. The material is heavily corroded mild steel and our finished product must have a near mirror-finish surface. So there is a lot of sawing, filing and sanding to be done. It’s like KH, except we use steel instead of soft wood. I have been sawing, filing and sanding for 4 days straight, everyday averaging 6 hours of work. I hope after this 4 weeks, I’ll have enormous biceps =)

Kolo mee: something very rarely seen here in KL ;)

I have been watching LOST season 2 till episode 21. Downloading 22 now. I have to say that the story is going out of control now and it’s getting very interesting indeed. Many people have died. Okay, maybe just 3, but that’s still a lot. Season 2 introduced a new element into the LOST series: SEX. Although I cannot imagine why anyone would get turned on by someone who haven’t showered for a long time.

Let me know if your car mechanic can design such nice pipes ;)

I have also been watching older movies like Terminator 2, Short Circuit, Wild Things. Downloading Spongebob now. Having such a fast connection here means non stop downloading. My laptop has been up for 5 days, 9 hours and 19 minutes now.

40″! Can you imagine the price of the tyres alone?

This is just a very fragmented post because there’s nothing interesting much to blog about. But I have a feeling that in just a few days, it’s all going to change ;) So stay tuned! Continue reading