ASP week part 2

This is the second week of our aircraft standard practice module. After a good rest during the weekend, filing and sawing is much easier and painless =) We are almost finished with our bottle cap opener. I finished polishing today.

All this was done using files, saws, drilling machine and sandpaper only.

The “before picture” just to remind you how the metal actually looked like before any work was done on it.

Working really use up lots of food. When I am having classes, I can skip the morning break and not feel too bad. But now, if I skip morning break, at lunch time I would be half dead. So every morning I would prepare something to eat at the workshop. The canteen is about 1km away. Maybe 0.5km. But it seems like 1km when you are hungry and walking under the hot sun.

When it’s over, I get the rest of the day and night free =) Continue reading