Weekend is almost here

Once again it’s Thursday. The most anticipated day will arrive in less than 12 hours. But this weekend is gay… ummm… I mean this weekend is going to be very busy =) I have futsal on Friday with Alvin’s friends, MAS futsal competition on Saturday, meeting up with Nick them on the same day and hopefully going skating on Sunday since I missed it last week.

WOW!! Finally Microsoft has realised that their 2MB free email cannot compete with Gmail’s 2GB+ free email. So they give you 23MB. Well, that’s a start ;)

We have started doing the third project. It’s a piece of metal with two holes to screw in a stud. A stud is a steel rod that contains thread on one side of it. I was determined to do a mirror finish for this project but unfortunately, the piece of metal that I used had too many pitting corrosions and is not possible to remove using hand tools only. But I did my best.

Here is a very close up shot of it. You can still see the metal grains.

Looks very close to mirror finish.

Wednesday went to play futsal at Shah Alam. Since KL is a big place, the entire journey, to and back again was almost 70KM!! The futsal pitch was just RM6 but the fuel cost for my friend’s KE-70 is almost RM10, no thanks to the recent increase in petrol prices.

The exorcism of Emily Rose, on set.

I was going to put one of the more scarier pictures, but I think you better go watch it yourself. We watched this movie last night and it was great. It was based on a true story and the true story can be found here. Continue reading