My new Toyota Corolla SEG!

After a long wait for loans, agreements, payments and stuff, I got my car yesterday. It was exactly 1 month ago that I saw this car for sale on forums. I can still remember clearly that fateful day. I was surfing the web at Giant using my pda while waiting for my friends to finish shopping when I stumbled upon this gem. The rest is history.

Toyota Corolla SEG, year 95. Not bad for an eleven year old car ;)

I was already on the look for a car before this to help me get around KL and to work. I was considering over a MR2 and a Kelisa. Both weren’t really pratical because the MR2 only seats 2 and the Kelisa is not the safest car in the world. My mum suggested a Myvi, but the price was a bit on the high side for such a car. I wanted something cheaper, but better. So I looked around for 2nd hand cars.

This was the original post by the seller.

So after some arrangements through the phone with the seller, I went to look at the car with my dad who happened to be in KL at that time. And I can tell you, it was love at first sight. Everything was in great condition. I wasn’t expecting such good condition from a car that is about 11 years old.

The readings on the speedometer is not sufficient to measure the speed of this car. Seen here also is the shortshifter and a Tom’s steering wheel.

The car just received a new paintjob at the beginning of this year.

This car comes with almost everything that I need. A great engine (which you will find out later), suspension upgrades, brake upgrades, rims, anti-roll bars and many more. The previous owner was very conservative when it comes to modding this car. No loud exhausts, no big wings, no fancy bodykits and especially no cutting of stock springs. It was a very practical and comfortable car to drive around.

A slick tyre probably have more threads than this tyre.

It did come with a few setbacks though. There was no ICE. The previous owner decided that he wanted to keep his old sony headunit and speakers and amp. That’s the reason why I got the Blaupunkt speakers and the pioneer headunit. And the tyres are on their last threads. They were Bridgestone Potenza GIII tyres and they cost RM600 per tyre or RM2400 for the whole car. And the spare tyre doesn’t fit the front wheels due to the bigger disc brakes. If I have a puncture in front, I will need to switch one of the rear tyres to the front and use the spare on the rear.

If you are an Initial D fan and you think this engine looks familiar, you’re right. Watch the Initial D movie again, the part where Takumi’s dad transplanted a new engine into the AE86. It’s essentially the same engine, but his was tuned for racing.

Originally this car had a 1.3 engine in it. It now has a 1.6 liter 4AGE Blacktop 20v. If you go around looking under the hoods of other Corolla SEGs, you won’t find many Blacktops. If I’m not mistakened, there are only about 2 or 3 in KL. The Blacktop 20v is one of the most powerful 1.6 NA engines in the world. Instead of having 4 valves per cylinder, this engine has 5, 3 for intake and 2 for exhaust. This translates to greater air-fuel flow and greater horsepower. At stock setup, this engines churns out an amazing 165hp. My Nissan is also 1.6 but it gives out at most 100hp. And being a 1.6, it’s not too fuel hungry either =)

Altezza original exhaust.

My first experience driving this car was horrible. I haven’t been driving manual for close to 2 years and my clutch control wasn’t very good. The car died twice when I was driving it back to my apartment yesterday. The fact that it was using a racing clutch didn’t help either. It was harder than ordinary clutches and it must be fully depressed before shifting. But I am getting quite used to it after driving around last night and this morning. I covered close to 200km in just 2 days.

It’s literally sparkling when seen under the sun. At night, you can get plenty of privacy with your girlfriend since it’s tinted also ;)

This car is very very quiet. You won’t know that there is a beast in this car (not referring to the driver or the passengers) until it is too late. This car actually rip roads apart! You can still spin the tyres at 2nd gear. At fifth gear, you can still feel the acceleration coming in as you approach the end of the speedometer scale. It’s like nothing I have driven before. Even my brother who drove an automatic Toyota Supra twin turbo before said that both were comparable in terms of acceleration. The Supra is 3.0 liters by the way ;)

Diamond black paint. Those are not real specks of diamond, so don’t come chipping them off my car.

So overall I am very satisfied with this car. When I get my ICE installed and tyres changed, it will be perfect. This is going to be a daily driving car, so most likely there won’t be many mods done on it. Keeping it stock so people won’t know what this car is capable of. But one thing’s for sure, it will turn heads wherever it goes. Because Toyota doesn’t make black SEGs ;)

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