Air Legislation

Now comes the most boring but dangerous course of the CAT ‘A’ programme. Many people will fail here because law is not our thing. And I have never fallen asleep in any other classes before. Not that I did fall asleep that is. But I have finally realise how tough it is to stay awake when the class is so boring and I only had 4 hours of sleep the other night.

6 days to go.

Nothing much to blog about. So just look at this cool truck.

The undercarriage must be in terrible condition =D

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Kuching Trip

Some of you might know, some of you might not know, but I went back to Kuching for the weekend and I’m now back at KL again. Although the trip was short, it seemed longer than expected. Although I did not get to try all the things that I wanted to try, it was enough for me. I didn’t get to meet everybody back in Kuching, but that’s okay, I’ll be back soon. In two weeks’ time ;)

Don’t you just love cats? You’ve been gone for 5 months and when you come home you see them lying around as if nothing has happened.

Same thing goes here.

And this cat has gotten so fat since I left.

So my Kuching trip was pretty eventful. I touched down at Kuching International airport at 12am using the last flight from KL. ET sent me home (thanks again) so I can surprise my mum. Went to fetch my brother from his friend’s house and slept at 3am. Then I woke up the next morning at 8am to make full use of my time in Kuching. Ate kolo mee and duck mee.

Kolo mee is the main focus though, not my cat.

Then afternoon went to upgrade my mum’s laptop to 512MB ram. Seriously, if you have a laptop with 256MB ram, spend RM100 on it and throw in an additional 256MB of ram. It really helps speed things up greatly. The difference is so great that you won’t believe your eyes. And then ET ask me go Grappa at 10pm for Attan’s birthday.

And then a strange incident happened when I was driving on Rock road. It was raining at that time. While approaching the traffic lights at colors, I was driving 40kmh (I swear), and I stepped lightly on the brake pedal. Suddenly the whole car went veering all over the road like it was drifting. There were no cars on my sides else I would have knocked them. The car went to the left and then to the right for a few times. And then finally stopped right at the traffic lights. I looked at the people who just witnessed a “kuching drift”, and I don’t think that they were amused. But it wasn’t my fault. I have totally no idea of what had happened. Maybe because the road was oily after the rain. Scared the lights out of me.

Don’t come here, they will kill you with their price.

Went for dinner at Topspot. Midin of course is a must have. You don’t get midin here in KL. And when I try to buy and bring some over, they don’t have it anymore.

Tao at Pandungan.

Went to catch up with old times after dinner with ET and Bev. Really wish I can go back to form4 and form5 minus the SPM. Those were the carefree days and life was good. Even during study break when SPM was just around the corner. Sneaking around school at night during “study break”, playing hide and seek, playing pranks on people. Man I missed those days.

Then we went to Grappa. I think I just took one year off my life by taking in all those 2nd hand smoke. Definately not my cup of tea. I didn’t drink because had to drive that night. But next stop was open air.

Gubak mee or beef noodle.

Went to openair for the first time in 5 months. Met KC there. Went to eat gubak mee but was disappointed because siobee and matterhorn was finished. Damn man. Next time.

That orange bowl used to contain kolo mee. But they’re now in ET hehe

Today I went to the airport at 5pm to wait for an avaliable flight. At 8, I got a flight and I flew back here. It was a 777 so I watched a documentry on restoring old cars on the 1hour plus flight.

Exact copy of the KLIA check in terminals.

The whole place seems very yellowish.

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