How to make money

Warning! I will not be held responsible for anything that results directly or indirectly from this post. This applies also if authorities find scanned copies of the RM50 notes in your history folder as a result of reading this post. DO NOT USE FAKE NOTES! You have been warned.

This little story shows that getting good grades in school doesn’t mean that you will succeed in life. A top scorer in a school got caught passing fake RM50 notes to the school canteen. I mean if he is a top scorer, he should be smart enough to realise that passing notes in broad daylight to your school canteen is plain looking for trouble.

How stupid can you be?

Instead of being an armchair critic, I’ve come up with a better way of spending all your (fake) money and not getting caught for it. But first we got to make the money. You probably have all the stuff that you need, so I’ll just walk you through.

Scanner. Color of course.

Printer. Color of course, unless you want to use the money in the dark…

REAL money.

Now, put the money into the scanner, press scan, then print. You’re done! Making money is this easy! When your parents tell you that making money is not easy, show them this page. You need to cut the money out to the correct size before you can use it.

This is how a scanned copy looks like. Without the “contoh” la…

They look almost the same, but there huge differences between the two. One of the most obvious is the silver stripe on the right side.

So now you got your money, what to do with it? I would avoid supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping malls and all those shops that have a cash register. Chances are that the cashiers are very experienced. They can and will probably detect a fake note.

No, you would want to use your fake money at places like pasar malam, markets and smaller shops, where they are less likely to pay much attention to the notes. Do your research first. If the cashier is new and looks inexperience or doesn’t give much of a damn because of their very low pay, then your chances are good. But it’s best to use it at night at a pasar malam. People there usually don’t look twice at the money you give to them because they will be too busy. Just buy something small with your RM50 and get REAL change back. Great way to make money =)

Anyone want to go KL?

Okay, this is a big joke, don’t sue me.

Moral of the story: don’t be stupid. Continue reading

Back in Kuching!

I’m finally back in Kuching! After overcoming so many obstacles, I’m finally home. You won’t believe the shock my mum got when I called her and told her I’m outside and to open the front door. By the way, I didn’t tell her I was coming back. Thanks to ET too who kindly went to the airport and sent me back home at 12am =)

Staff travel for MAS staff.

Finally, working for MAS has paid off. I’m now enjoying 75% discount off all my air tickets. So the Kuching KL return fare is only RM128.30. I don’t think you can get tickets so cheap even from AirAsia. We have food onboard too by the way ;) The only downside is that it is on standby. That means you got to go to the airport and wait for empty seats. And we were damn lucky today.

KLIA looking quite deserted at around 8pm.

We wanted to get on board the 8:40pm flight but it was full. So we waited until 10pm for the 10:40pm flight. Before that I went to the counter and found out that there were 10 people in front of me. So the chances of me getting on the 10:40 flight was very very slim. The next avaliable flight was at 5am.

Anyways, me and Alvin waited. It was a long wait. Then they started to call. There were 8 seats empty on that flight. They called the first 8 people. NONE OF THEM TURNED UP! So they called the next 8, and me and Alvin was in!! It was one big lucky break! You cannot imagine how happy we felt when we got our boarding pass! We were going HOME! We didn’t even need to show our IC at the boarding gate. We just flashed our staff ID and we were in.

Kuching airport after 5 months.

The flight back took an eternity. But flying was a totally new experience now to me. When I go to the toilet, I know exactly how everything works. And when they bring the plane to the runway, I knew exactly what was happening. And when they landed and applied reverse thrust and taxied to airport, all the dangers, procedures and safety measures taken, I knew. It’s just so different.

Anyways, Kuching has changed much. But the food never changes =) Anyone up for kueh chap tomorrow morning? Continue reading

My Girl and I

If you are a fan of Korean movies, this is a must watch. If you are a fan of love movies, this will probably be no different from other love movies. But it’s still nice to watch, to make you forget that you are still single, until after the movie, in which you will be once again plunged back into your lonely life =D But if you have experience dating back in secondary school, this may bring back those memories ;)

A scene from the movie. They speak Korean, so the subtitles are there.

Some other scenes from the movie:

If you are in college or if you are working, this will greatly remind you of your days back in secondary school and how much fun it was. That’s when the chemistry starts =) Nothing is perfect, so you’ll see them facing problems after problems and how they overcome them. Maybe we can all learn something or two out of this movie.

Overall, great movie. If you are a guy, you’ll love the girl ;) Unless you are *ahem* *ahem* =) Continue reading

What happens when you have too much budget for a movie?

Following the success of The Fast and the Furious and 2Fast 2Furious, 3Fast 3Furious, or more widely known as “Tokyo Drift” has probably been given millions in budget to make the film. After overpaying those actors and story writers who couldn’t come up with a better storyline, and burning hundreds of sets of perfectly good tyres, the producers and director had to come up with a way to spend the rest of the budget. Burning it wasn’t an option because it will lead to global warming, and giving it away to poor people would be a waste of money. So what do they do with it? Words can’t describe, but pictures can =)

“Do you know what DK stands for?”

“Drift King?”

“Nah, Donkey Kong.”

I mean seriously, can this get any lamer?

First off, the got a new Viper and they crashed it with an old car which probably belonged to that actor before he got this overpaid job. No, they didn’t think twice before doing that.

The old car can go to hell. The Viper was split into half before this scene.

And of course, a car’s not trashed if it’s not upsidedown.

Next, the guy goes to Tokyo, and guess what he sees? A Nissan 350z drifting up a car park ramp. By the way, a 350z costs RM500,000 here. I guess over there it’s just like any other Proton car ;) But still, doing such a dangerous stunt requires plenty of money. Imagine the number of 350z scratched and damaged in the making of this scene alone!

And then he is given the ultimate (or “Mona Lisa”) of all drift cars. The car has been tuned to perfection, everything from suspension to engine, from wheels to brakes. And guess what he does? The picture above is not really clear, but he just crashed into a row of car. Nope, he didn’t just crash into a row of ordinary cars.

Here’s the “Mona Lisa”, all bent and broken. And if it wasn’t enough, he kept driving it against the wall to make the bent fender come off.

Tada! Gone in 60 seconds! =)

Next, the guy is given an EVO. So what’s the first thing you do once you get a 2 liter turbocharged 4WD monster that’s probably giving out 300hp at the wheels (I assumed it’s tuned)? You slam the rear into a pile of wood! Of course! Elementary, my dear Watson!

And to show that you couldn’t care less, you dent the side by crashing sideways into some stack of tyres. Makes it look like you really push the limits of the car eh?

Hmm… that (the above picture’s caption) seems like a logical explanation. But how do you explain THIS!?? (insert evil laughter here). We’ll just drop a roller shutter on a 350z (half a million ringgit car) =)

And that EVO hasn’t got enough dents. Let’s just crash this 350z (again, half a million car) into the rear. Ahh… great dent.

Now let’s make full use of that 350z. Ahh… nice crash!

Alright, the 350z are getting boring. Let’s mash up the RX7! Great timing =)

Last, but not least, we haf the final downhill challenge. The director couldn’t let the cars get out alive, so he crashes the newly repaired 350z into the other just restored muscle car with a RB26DET. Sparks added for more thrill.

While we are at it, let’s run the 350z off the side of the road to totally screw up the undercarriage and suspension and tyres and rims.

Alright, I’m really sick of the 350z now, let’s just dump it, literally.

If you haven’t notice, this movie is about destroying expensive Japanese sports cars. The director wants to send a powerful message to everyone: only he can do it, you can’t. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it (line borrowed from the matrix). We’ll see ;)

So yea, great drifting. Continue reading

Happy Fathers' Day!

Today is fathers’ day. The problem is that people emphasize too much on Mothers’ day until some even forgot that today is fathers’ day. I hope you’re not one of them. But if you are, you still got 1 hour left to repair the damage. Or you’ll have to boil in guilt for one more year hehe

Anyways, today is fathers’ day. You may think that your mother play a more important role in your life. Afterall, I can assume that your mum wake you up for school in the morning, send you to school, cook your meals, wash and iron your clothes, pick you up from school again and many more. But I beg to differ. Both parents play equal amount of roles in your life. You just may not have realised it. But I did.

One of the main reason why I am at where I am today is because of my father. It’s not only because he earns money to enable me to survive here in KL. I think I owe to him my interest in engineering. You see, if my dad was a musician, maybe I’ll be a guitar player by now. Or if my dad is a business man, I might be pursuing my business degree now. But instead, I’m here at MAS now trying to become an aircraft engineer.

Ever since I was a kid, I took on the interest in electronics. I remember whenever my dad goes over to KL, he would get me one of those interesting kits. One time, he got me an AM radio. But guess what? It doesn’t run on batteries! And it has a big coil and you move a paperclip across the coil to tune into radio stations. And then I got a light sensitive switch after that. And I got a few motors from Singapore also. There were so many that I cannot remember what else.

In primary school, I was etching my own circuit boards already. At that time my dad was designing a circuit for damai’s (or was it santubong’s) hotel rooms. So I took the leftover copper board, drew some tracks on it using a marker and dipped it into the etching solution. After that, you clean it and drill holes on it. And then you solder in the components. Of course, I knew how to use a soldering iron well before I was 12, thanks to my dad.

As I got older (after kindergarden lol), my dad started teaching me things about electricity and electronics. I used to have a great beginners book to electronics. They teach people how to use a transistor. So whatever parts I needed for the project I would ask my dad to get for me. And when it didn’t work, I’ll go to him again. So basically I had all the help I needed for me to dive into the world of electronics.

It was my dad as well who got me into the PIC programming thing. A PIC is a programmable IC. You write some software on the PC and then you can do ANYTHING with the IC. It’s so flexible that you can incorporate it into any circuit you want. Anyways, my dad bought a PIC and a programmer and a manual for me and I was on my way. I was still in primary school then =)

When I was old enough to drive, but not old enough to get a license, my dad took me and my brother to Sejingkat to learn how to drive illegally. It wasn’t easy getting used to the clutch at first, but we managed. But then after that we still had to go through those 8 hours of on the road training.

Now that I’m in KL I don’t see my dad that often anymore. If you are a guy, you know that there won’t be much conversation going on between guys la. That’s very typical. But if you’re a girl then you’ll probably be spilling everything to your mum, except maybe the time when you and your boyfriend sneaked off to a dark carpark for some privacy ;) Point is, girls will tell everything, but a guy will keep almost everything, except maybe the time when you and your girlfriend sneaked off to that dark carpark for some privacy. Get me?

Anyways, dad, if you are reading this, Happy Fathers’ Day! Continue reading