Some of you might have known that my youngest cat among the three cats that I have has died. Thanks for those condolences. Too bad I didn’t get to see her before she died. My brother suspected that she was poisoned by the neighbour. But we can’t be sure yet.

One of her best photo.

When we got her, she was unbelievably tiny. You could hold a few of her in your hands. And she wasn’t accepted well by the other cats when we first introduced her into the family. You know, cats and their territory. But soon they got along just fine. It was a great sight to behold, seeing all 3 cats lying around doing nothing.

This was taken just weeks ago when I went back to Kuching.

She’s not very choosy when it comes to her food. Anything that can be eaten will do. She’s also the fiercest cat. The other 2 cats would give in to her easily. And she doesn’t like to be played with sometimes. She would bite and scratch whoever who disturbs her when she is not in the mood.

She’s everywhere.

There’s just so much memories attatched to this cat. It won’t be the same anymore without her. So please rest in peace. We will miss you. Continue reading

Pocket Bike

A bike must be one of the most dangerous machine ever created. With tremendous horsepower to weight ratio, a normal superbike can easily outrun a skyline. And with bikes having as much as 500 horsepower, you can only wonder what it is capable of. Death is always just around the corner.

Realising the danger of riding on the road, my brother got a smaller version of a superbike and this bike can only be used on the track or on the roads of housing estates that are still under development. It’s called a pocket bike.

Very small version of the Hayabusa.

This bike is not a toy. It goes from 0-60kmh in no time. It’s loud enough to wake up the neighbours and it probably has enough power to outrun real bikes. It comes with a 50cc two stroke engine that produces a few hp. We may modify it until it reaches the magical 10hp. The bike itself is 30kg and I weigh 45kg now. So it has around 100hp/ton. The Nissan Skyline R34 GTR on the other hand has around 166hp/ton, minus the driver. The acceleration is comparable to my car, but we’ll test it out at Nilai this weekend.

Comes with front and rear disc brakes and real racing slicks!

We first tried this bike yesterday at a housing estate yet to be opened. So the roads were perfectly new and there were no cars. It was like a track with many turnings and straight roads. Today I went again and maxed out the bike’s performance. The acceleration and speed was just incredible. But the vibration of the engine at peak rpm was too much. Could use some suspension as well.

Fuel filter, pull starter, bike stand. The only thing missing is suspension.

Another thing you get from this bike is attention. Lots of people have asked me about it and some asking for a ride. People do stop by and stare. But one thing for sure, this is one hell of a bike that I won’t mind getting my hands on. At RM1000, it’s definately worth it ;)

By the way, the bike belongs to my brother and he will be using it on his campus. Continue reading

RC day

Today should mark the start of a new RC flying club. Most likely every weekend from now we’ll be flying our planes at a nearby housing estate which is still under development. Hopefully with the experience of other hobbyist, one of them the formal president of the MIAT flying club, I can finally enjoy RC flying without the fear of crashing.

One low-wing plane on its maiden voyage.

I woke up at 11am and got there in just a few minutes. By that time, a few people have already turned up. They had flown a Hirobo heli and were preparing a low-wing plane for its maiden voyage. Checking a plane before a flight is EXTREMELY VITAL, and you’ll soon see what I mean.

Hirobo helicopter. Runs on nitro.

Flying a helicopter is by no means easy. You need nerves of steel and the reflex of a fly. I’ve personally crashed one so I know.

A T-Rex heli, one of the more popular electric heli around.

Unfortunately, there was a crash this morning involving the low-wing plane on its maiden voyage. It was due to human error. THE ALIERONS WERE INVERTED!! That means if you turn right on the controls, the plane turns left!! I’ve seen this happen TWICE. I’ve got a video here to show the crash.

The plane took off, did a loop, and crashed head on to the ground. Crankshaft, engine mount and structure might be damaged.

After watching them fly, we decided to come in the afternoon with my brother’s trainer. It was a moment of intense pressure as we choose a location for take off. One wrong move, the whole plane will be gone. But it was a successful flight!! The landing was so perfect! But we didn’t get it on video. We got the take off though. My friend “lost” the plane while he was taking the video.

It was a perfect takeoff and a perfect landing. Warning: Contains strong language.

This should be interesting to fly. Probably capable of barrel rolls, loops, and all the acrobatic stuff.

This is where we fly. We use the field as the runway, not the public road.

Refuelling the plane. One tank of gas gives around 20 minutes of flight time.

Starting the engine. The yellow device sticking on top of the engine is the glow starter. It heats up the glow plug to allow combustion. The starter motor is used to spin the propeller and start the engine.

Some macro shots by my friend who is obsessed with macro shots.

This was our reaction after the successful landing. Don’t ask me why my reaction was like that. I wasn’t ready for a picture =D

The plane on the left belongs to my brother. The one on the right belongs to Tan.

This is one powerful engine. Slices fingers and hands without hesitation or reduction in speed. Continue reading

The Zoolander

The Zoolander is a banned movie in Malaysia because it’s about killing the Malaysian Prime Minister. And I think after watching this movie, many people will have very wrong impression of Malaysia. For instance, the Prime Minister of Malaysia is a China guy. And since when do we have child labour in Malaysia? Besides your mum forcing you to clean up your room?

Derek Zoolander, played by Ben Stiller.

Now I also have the impression the models are stupid. Ben Stiller’s character acts like he’s only passed primary 6 education. And get this, he cannot turn left. He has to turn right 270 degrees to turn left. And the things he do and say in the movie makes you wonder if all models are just “dumb blondes”.

Hansel, played by Owen Wilson.

Coincidentally, his sidekick is as dumb as him. He doesn’t know how to turn on a computer and when asked to bring the files in the computer, he brings the whole computer thinking that the files are IN IT.

Matilda, played by Christine Taylor.

Of course, you need someone smart in the movie to make the whole plot work. Matilda goes from being a Time magazine writer to a detective, to having a one night stand with an unspecified amount of guys, to figuring out the whole plot behind killing the Malaysian Prime Minister, and finally to Zoolander’s wife. Phew.. what a big role.

Mugatu, played by Will Ferrell.

We should really start judging people by their looks. One look at this guy and you’ll know that he’s the bad guy.

And here’s our Malaysian Prime Minister, played by Woodrow Asai.

This is how they think Malaysia looks like.

No wonder this movie was banned in Malaysia =D Continue reading

Photos of the week

Lazy to blog, so here’s some photos instead.

747-400 parked in front of the hangers. Too bad the scaffoldings are blocking it.

Cockpit of a Fokker F27. The new cockpits look nothing like this. All new aircraft are fitted with state of the art LCD displays now, each costing half a million.

Many people think I cannot cook. You’re wrong by the way.

This is the smallest and lightest RC plane I’ve ever seen. Grab a pen. That’s how heavy it weighs. Retails at RM100 at Toys ‘R Us.

Here we are trying to sneak the RC plane into the RRI (rubber research institute).

And here’s the unofficial group photo of TAME 67. Continue reading