The Zoolander

The Zoolander is a banned movie in Malaysia because it’s about killing the Malaysian Prime Minister. And I think after watching this movie, many people will have very wrong impression of Malaysia. For instance, the Prime Minister of Malaysia is a China guy. And since when do we have child labour in Malaysia? Besides your mum forcing you to clean up your room?

Derek Zoolander, played by Ben Stiller.

Now I also have the impression the models are stupid. Ben Stiller’s character acts like he’s only passed primary 6 education. And get this, he cannot turn left. He has to turn right 270 degrees to turn left. And the things he do and say in the movie makes you wonder if all models are just “dumb blondes”.

Hansel, played by Owen Wilson.

Coincidentally, his sidekick is as dumb as him. He doesn’t know how to turn on a computer and when asked to bring the files in the computer, he brings the whole computer thinking that the files are IN IT.

Matilda, played by Christine Taylor.

Of course, you need someone smart in the movie to make the whole plot work. Matilda goes from being a Time magazine writer to a detective, to having a one night stand with an unspecified amount of guys, to figuring out the whole plot behind killing the Malaysian Prime Minister, and finally to Zoolander’s wife. Phew.. what a big role.

Mugatu, played by Will Ferrell.

We should really start judging people by their looks. One look at this guy and you’ll know that he’s the bad guy.

And here’s our Malaysian Prime Minister, played by Woodrow Asai.

This is how they think Malaysia looks like.

No wonder this movie was banned in Malaysia =D Continue reading