Pocket Bike

A bike must be one of the most dangerous machine ever created. With tremendous horsepower to weight ratio, a normal superbike can easily outrun a skyline. And with bikes having as much as 500 horsepower, you can only wonder what it is capable of. Death is always just around the corner.

Realising the danger of riding on the road, my brother got a smaller version of a superbike and this bike can only be used on the track or on the roads of housing estates that are still under development. It’s called a pocket bike.

Very small version of the Hayabusa.

This bike is not a toy. It goes from 0-60kmh in no time. It’s loud enough to wake up the neighbours and it probably has enough power to outrun real bikes. It comes with a 50cc two stroke engine that produces a few hp. We may modify it until it reaches the magical 10hp. The bike itself is 30kg and I weigh 45kg now. So it has around 100hp/ton. The Nissan Skyline R34 GTR on the other hand has around 166hp/ton, minus the driver. The acceleration is comparable to my car, but we’ll test it out at Nilai this weekend.

Comes with front and rear disc brakes and real racing slicks!

We first tried this bike yesterday at a housing estate yet to be opened. So the roads were perfectly new and there were no cars. It was like a track with many turnings and straight roads. Today I went again and maxed out the bike’s performance. The acceleration and speed was just incredible. But the vibration of the engine at peak rpm was too much. Could use some suspension as well.

Fuel filter, pull starter, bike stand. The only thing missing is suspension.

Another thing you get from this bike is attention. Lots of people have asked me about it and some asking for a ride. People do stop by and stare. But one thing for sure, this is one hell of a bike that I won’t mind getting my hands on. At RM1000, it’s definately worth it ;)

By the way, the bike belongs to my brother and he will be using it on his campus. Continue reading