Some of you might have known that my youngest cat among the three cats that I have has died. Thanks for those condolences. Too bad I didn’t get to see her before she died. My brother suspected that she was poisoned by the neighbour. But we can’t be sure yet.

One of her best photo.

When we got her, she was unbelievably tiny. You could hold a few of her in your hands. And she wasn’t accepted well by the other cats when we first introduced her into the family. You know, cats and their territory. But soon they got along just fine. It was a great sight to behold, seeing all 3 cats lying around doing nothing.

This was taken just weeks ago when I went back to Kuching.

She’s not very choosy when it comes to her food. Anything that can be eaten will do. She’s also the fiercest cat. The other 2 cats would give in to her easily. And she doesn’t like to be played with sometimes. She would bite and scratch whoever who disturbs her when she is not in the mood.

She’s everywhere.

There’s just so much memories attatched to this cat. It won’t be the same anymore without her. So please rest in peace. We will miss you. Continue reading