Mid Week Crisis

ASP just finished today. Will be back to the classroom tomorrow for digital techniques. For my air legislation exam, I found out that I scored 100% for the objective part and 99% for the essay part. And they said that this is one of the toughest modules around. Hmm…

Anyways, after my classes finished yesterday I went to Nilai for my college’s installation night. It’s a night when they install the new Intima President, give out awards and give people buffet. Even though I left Inti already, my Mind Games Club president invited me to attend the event.

Part of the MGC team. This was at the Royal Aldephi at Seremban.

I met up with most of my friends in Inti. They were quite surprised to see me there. It’s just great to see everyone again. I know I’ve said this again and again, but you guys should really enjoy your college life when you are still in college.

My life has gotten a bit more boring over the past few days. I managed to solve the cube and now I’m bored. My best time so far is 2:31. I figure I can manage 2 minutes if I had a better cube. This cube is now falling apart because of overusage and overspeeding. I’ve lubricated the joints and cubes with silicone based lubricant but it still gets stuck. I need to get a new cube. Anyone know where to get one? I’ve looked everywhere by the way.

Following my “half year resolution”, I’ve managed 2 books this week, both on aircraft electrical systems. You’ll be surprised at the ingenious designs they came up with before the invention of the transistor. Overall a good read.

Tape to keep the nail in place.

I know I promised some people not to show pictures of my thumbnail coming off, but this should be okay. I need tape to keep it in place because it’s still joined at one side so it hurts like $^#* when it gets pulled against something. Happened to me couple of times last night and it wasn’t pleasant.

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Spring cleaning

If you came to my apartment yesterday, you might actually die of shock because of the mess. So today we cleaned up the place and now you’ll think that we have a maid to help us clean up. But in a few days’ time, I predict that the place is going to be back to normal. That’s how bachelors are la I guess.

I’m not going to show how it was like before. Because if I do, we might end up single until we die =D

It took a great part of the afternoon to clean up the whole place. I spent quite sometime to wash the toilet. I think it’s now extremely safe to eat out of the toilet bowl hehe.

The kitchen has never been so clean before.

And usually the sink is filled with unwashed dishes.

After everything was done, me, my bro and my housemate went to 1U. I wanted to look for a speedcube because the cube I’m using now is too slow and it jams sometimes. But couldn’t find one. Instead, we were surprised because there was an RC competition going on.

Event probably sponsored by tamiya.

Two buggies halfway through a jump.

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How to solve a rubik's cube in 10 seconds

Or rather, how to appear to solve a cube in 10 seconds. Please note that this video is entirely fake. My best time for the cube is 2:51. Anyways, I got this idea after thinking for a while. I started with a solved cube and recorded a video of me scrambling it. Then I made the video play backwards so it looked like I took a scrambled cube and solved it in record time ;) Enjoy

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Exhausting week(end)

I’ve just had 6 hours of sleep after coming back from Nick’s place. Had 2 games of futsal last night, one from 6:30 till 8 and the other from 11:30 till 1 something. I felt the full effect this morning. My legs couldn’t move at all. But I managed to drive back and sleep after a good shower. But it was great.

Great way of attracting attention and business. Or maybe they just want people to remember their name.

I was a Puchong during Friday lunch time to do my staff travel declaration for my brothers (so they too can fly to/from Kuching for only RM128.30) when me and a friend went to eat at the nearby coffeeshop. We were doing ASP (aircraft standard practices) so we were wearing our uniform. When we walked in, I was aware that people were staring at us. I ordered pork mee and the guy asked me if I was a pilot. The commissioner of oaths also commented on our training at MAS, saying that he wished that his son could have joined too instead of undergoing training as a car mechanic and previously working at a boutique with “a bunch of girls”. We get all these (sometimes) unwanted attention whenever we are out with our uniform. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s just annoying.

Finally solved! Without the help of a computer =D

I was watching a video of a guy solving a cube in 7 seconds a few days ago when I decided that I should start to really learn how to solve a cube. And now, I can actually solve one all by myself in under 5 minutes! It’s very satisfying. I wonder why I didn’t manage to grasp the concept before this. I got a lot of help from this site.

Valve tubes. Ancient technology. Many of these tubes are probably older than us.

I recently managed to acquire some rare valve tubes or also know as electron tubes. I’m not sure how many of these are still functional, but they definately look very cool. The only reason why they were replaced by transistors is because they are too big and they consume too much power. You don’t want a room sized computer than rake up RM1k of electricity bill a month do you?

This is my favourite =D

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Installing Mac OSX on a PC

I took a break from blogging because I was busy setting up Mac OSX on my laptop. And here’s some instructions and pictures on how to do it.

First, you must have a few things. You must know how to boot using Knoppix or Ubuntu. You must also have a bit of knowledge on computers. And you must have the all important tiger-x86 image file. This file can be downloaded through torrent. It’s about 1GB in size and it uncompresses to 6GB.

This image file contains the Mac operating system.

Next, we need to create a primary partiton of more than 6GB on the hard disk. You can use partition magic for this.

Create a NTFS partition of about 6GB after your Windows XP partition.

After you have done so, you need to use fdisk in linux to change the partition to type AF. You need to restart your computer after that.

Next, assuming that you already have the tiger-x86-flat.img on your XP partition, we now boot into knoppix to copy the image file to the AF partition that you have just created. The command to do so is “dd if=your_tiger_image.img of=/dev/hda2 ibs=512 obs=1M skip=63“. Just replace “your_tiger_image.img” with the path of your tiger-x86-flat.img file.

Copying the image to the hard disk takes 4200 seconds (1 hour plus). So prepare for a long wait.

After you are done with the transferring, boot back into Windows XP and copy chain0 to C:. You can get the chain0 from here.

The chain0 file must be at your C:. This file will handle the booting into Mac OSX.

Next, add the following line into your boot.ini.

Now restart your computer and choose “Mac OS X” and you should see the following screen.

Select tiger-x86 and…

… if everything goes well…

… you have Mac OS X on your PC!

I think that’s about it. Any problems don’t hesitate to contact me. And if you’re successful, send in your screenshot to youmolo@gmail.com =) would like to hear about your experience with a OS X86

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