Hangar on-job-training

Today is the first time my batch went down for OJT on the hangar. I was assigned to hangar 4, line 10 which does maintenance for the Boeing 777-200. The aircraft itself is gigantic compared to a 737-400! Too bad I don’t have any pictures right now, but I’ll bring my camera tomorrow and get some shots on the plane. If I have the time to take that is.

The aircraft I’m working on now.

The plane is undergoing A, B, C extended checks. The cabin is being retrofitted with new seats that can be reclined into a bed! And we could be the first to try out the new first class seats! =D Tomorrow we will be doing the seat installations (hopefully) and then soon after that all the interior will go into place. The aircraft is scheduled to leave on September 11. And coming in on September 12 will be the colorful blue 777 nicknamed “Freedom of Space”

Malaysia Airlines’ Freedom of Space Boeing 777

As of today, I’ve been into both the engines, cockpit and the fuselage. The engines are almost completed while inside the cabin there is absolutely nothing. No seats, no galleys. Completely stripped down. The amount of wiring is just mind-boggling.

So yes, wait for pictures tomorrow ;) Continue reading