OJT day 2

There’s a whole lot more to do on the second day. In the morning we laid down the double-sided tape for the carpet for the interior of the fuselage and in the afternoon we installed the economy seats. In between there are other odd-jobs like transporting the seats and setting up the platform. Very tiring day.

Enjoying a cool breeze from the cold air ducting. Wind speed estimated to be around 60KMh.

After laying out the double-sided tape for the carpet (the carpets are just stuck on with double sided tape!!), we moved the toilets in. It was a bit difficult because the aircraft is quite cramp and the toilets are huge. I’m not talking about the bowl only, but the whole toilet module, complete with sink, taps, mirrors, tissue dispenser and emergency oxygen just in case you’re unlucky enough to encounter a cabin decompression while in the toilet =D

What I was very impressed was not how we managed to put the toilets in, but everyone’s team spirit which made the task possible. The teamwork and the willingness to help each other was there. It took close to 8 of us to move the toilet into place. There were no complains or anything when trying to manouver the toilet into place and when anything goes wrong, people don’t start pointing fingers. They just work on figuring how to solve the problem. And when it’s finally in place, the satisfaction was immense. They deserve it anyways.

Took a picture of this Twin Otter just after we landed at Mulu airport a few years back. I didn’t know a thing about this aircraft then.

So back to the seats. We did economy seats today, and tomorrow hopefully we’ll be able to get a feel of the new “pod” business class seats. The seats are mounted on racks running longitudinally from the front to the rear of the aircraft. The seats snap into place on the mounts and few screws are tightened to make sure the seats stay firmly in place. No seat will ever come off during a flight, even if the screws come off.

On other news, we had some visitors today. Maybe students from some college or somewhere. Was inside the engine when they came. They were snapping pictures all the way and I thought it had started to rain outside. It did rain later though. But I don’t blame them for their enthusiasm. I was like that when I first visited the aircraft hangar. Not many people will get the chance to visit the hangars after September 11 due to security reasons. And if you’re there for the first time, I can guarantee that you’ll be like a kid in a toystore. Believe me. Till now, I can still look at the planes in the hangar and marvel at the immense engineering complexity behind it that makes it fly.

ps: I forgot to bring my camera again today due to the rush in the morning. Tomorrow will be the day. Continue reading