OJT day 3

I managed to bring my camera today so I got a few shots of the hangar and the plane I’m working on, which is the Boeing 777-200. I must warn you however that some of the pictures may be very frightening to frequent flyers. But rest assured that for something to go wrong on a plane, a lot of mistakes must be made and in the aviation industry, mistakes are very rarely made.

The tail of the plane. They covered it up because they were doing painting the night before.

I started today a bit badly. Slept at 3am pondering over some things, and woke up at 6:45am. Played futsal last night at extreme park. We won 27-18. That’s almost 50 goals in 1 hour! Or about 1 goal per minute. But there was one 4 second equalizer :S It was one of the most enjoyable futsal matches I’ve ever played. It has been weeks since I last kicked a ball. Reached home at 1am.

Empty 777 fuselage. Usually you’ll have the first class seats here.

Fortunately, there was a lot of work to be done today so I didn’t feel tired or sleepy. We installed the center toilets. And interestingly enough, near the center toilet there’s a secret compartment to the crew’s bunker that is located under the floor that can accomodate up to 7 people. And I know where the key is kept in the plane =)

Open door showing a Trent 800 turbine under servicing.

The door. The yellow package is the emergency slide raft.

The installation of the economy seats continued today. There was much more work because there were more chairs in the center of the fuselage, just behind the first class. The pod seats will be in soon and the engineers said that we can test the seats (e.g. sleep) and try out the games on it! So that will be something I will not miss.

Plenty of cables and ducting for the aircond.

Most of the pictures I took was during lunch break, where not much people are working in the plane. Normally there would be quite a number of people in it and it gets a bit crowded. But it’s not hot inside because we have cold air ducts supplying cold air into the plane. Lighting is not a problem also because there are work lamps and we also bring torches around.

Economy class seats. Almost finished installing.

Overall it’s a good working environment except for times when I really break a sweat trying to get all the seats screwed down properly. Oh ya, if you happen to travel on economy class on a Boeing 777-200 with the registration 9M-MRO, I probably installed the seat you’re sitting on ;)

Plenty of cables.

Another view. Notice the thick insulation? That keeps the plane warm when flying at 35k feet where the outside temperature is -56.5C

The semi-transparent tube running along the side is the cold air duct that provides cold air to the plane to prevent the people inside from suffocating. Only used during maintenance.

Took this DHL plane while it was taxiing and preparing for a takeoff.

737-300 coming in for maintenance. Continue reading