How to solve a cube in under 20 moves

No, there are no tricks involved. An optimized cube solver program can actually solve a randomly scrambled rubiks cube in 11 moves! I’ve scrambled the cube myself and solved it in 11 moves, following the program’s instructions. The program is called “Cube Explorer” and it can be downloaded from here.

Plenty of stuff to do with your cube using this program.

Besides solving the cube using minimum moves, this program can help you “scramble” your cube to exactly the state you want it to be. And you can use it to create pretty patterns.

I wasn’t really spending a lot of time on this photo.

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Today we celebrate our country’s 49th independence day! Many of us younger generation won’t realise the importance of celebrating our Merdeka day because none of us had had the experience of fighting for our country’s independence. But this day will always be celebrated to remember how hard our fore fathers fought to make Malaysia into a successful independent country today.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

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