Hectic weekend

Weekends are supposed to be very relaxed, but I find myself looking forward to the starting of the week instead. This is partly because I finished my exam last friday and tomorrow I will be going down to the hangar for the first time! I’m going to be working on a 747-400 aircraft. Hmm… I wonder how it feels like to sleep on first-class seats =P

Anyways, there was a relaxing part to this weekend. Went to a waterfall with our mas friends. The water is freezing cold. We use it to cool our drinks. It was impossible to stay in the water for long but I did take a dive just for the fun of it.

Freezing cold water on a hot day. Best way to get hypothermia.

Nice rock formations. One part of it can be used as a water slide.

Monkeys own this place. And there are hundreds of them! They steal bread and nuts and even kaya!

Guess what’s the center of focus on this picture =P

Hutan Lipur Kanching.

We had a barbecue there as well for our lunch. I had food poisoning the day before but I recovered just before lunch. We left at around 3pm. I slept the night before at 3am so when I got home I just went to bed and slept. Pictures of the trip taken by my friend. Didn’t bring my camera or even my pda for obvious reasons.

Cigarette roller. You can roll your own cigarette with this device. You just need the paper, filter and the weed which you can buy at pasar malam. Not mine by the way, I don’t smoke.

Today I woke up late and I was supposed to go Pudu to get some parts. But I decided that I deserve a nice long rest after that big exam. So only in the afternoon I went out to test the bike and run my plane’s engine. The bike ran well, with slightly more power after the overhaul. But it suffered a puncture soon after. And I have been experimentally running my plane’s engine on petrol recently (since petrol is so much cheaper. Nitro is RM30-RM80 for 3.8 liters while petrol is around RM8) so switching back to nitro requires some breaking in.

So yea, another weekend well spent ;) Continue reading

WiFiFoFum for PocketPC

Wardriving with a laptop can be a very rewarding experience. You drive around in a car and stop whenever you detect an open accesspoint and you try to see if you can surf the net for free. But wardriving requires a car and petrol. And people will look at you suspiciously whenever you stop and try your luck on the accesspoint that you just found. Now there’s a better way to do that. It’s called warwalking.

WiFiFoFum is a software for PocketPCs that allows you to scan for accesspoints. If you have used Netstumbler before you’ll find that it’s exactly like it, except that it runs on your wifi-enabled PDA. The interface is very simple to use.

The list view. All detected accesspoints will be displayed here with their respective information, like encryption, mac address, signal strength. These accesspoints were discovered while driving from 1U to KLIA today.

The radar view. Very cool display that shows you how close the accesspoint is located. “downchild” is our apartment’s accesspoint.

Wififofum works very well and it can replace netstumbler entirely. So far I have found no bugs with it except that during aggressive scanning mode, it eats battery fast. If you would like to know about the accesspoints around you as you walk with your PDA, this is the software for you. Wififofum can be downloaded here. Continue reading

Diverted attention

I know I haven’t been blogging frequently for a long long long time. It’s mainly due to my other interests that have been taking up a lot of time. And I’m on course now at MAS so I need to study. And recently I haven’t been able to find any interesting things to blog about. Or maybe I’m just too busy.

Disassembled for maintenance purposes.

I’ve been quite into bike racing these few weeks. We got a special track in a housing estate. There are many corners and one straight that can be used to push the bike to its top speed of around 60KMH. 60KMH on a small bike is freaking fast and dangerous. There have been instances when I almost fell off from the bike because I was adjusting my grip on the throttle. It was scary but fun. I clocked the best time on that track by the way =)

Grass cutter engine. No wonder it wasn’t very powerful. It was designed to cut grass! Anyways, it was taken out for some adjustment to the float valve.

I’ve also been busy playing rc. I had a radio glitch a few days ago. My plane didn’t respond to my input. It sometimes gets cut off. So I was flying for a while before it became very obvious. The plane was going for a nosedive and I remember thinking that it was the end of this plane. But just before it crashed I regained control and managed to make it climb. A pro pilot who was nearby helped me land the plane safely. The only damage was a bent landing gear which could be easily bent back to shape. And the other damage which I realised today was a leaking fuel tank.

Tasik Prima. This is one of the places that we go to fly rc. It’s near Puchong.

Today I was supposed to be studying, but my friend (my rc guru) was going to do a maiden flight on his newly acquired plane. The plane itself is 11 years old. But it has a size 60 engine and yesterday we did a ground run (running the engine while on ground) and it can practically take off VERTICALLY.

Preparing for take off before realising that my fuel tank is leaking.

The plane going for its maiden flight.

It was a successful maiden flight. It was quite fast although not as fast as a speed demon. Landing was quite fast and dangerous due to its low wing configuration.

Driving in KL can be a pain in the left leg if you are using a manual car.

I was driving my brother around looking for a house in Bandar Utama and it was just impossible to find. If I want to find a place usually I would go at close to midnight to find it using a map. At that time traffic is usually minimum and I can afford to make illegal turnings if I missed a turning. I found FedEX, Hilton PJ, Pejabat Pos Besar Shah Alam that way.

Last night me, my brother, my housemate and my rc guru went to Kota Damansara uptown. It’s the first time I’ve been there and it’s like a mini version of the Sunday Market back in Kuching. They sell all sorts of stuff, from toys to cigarette that you can roll yourself! Yes! You buy the paper, the weed and you can roll your own cigarette. There’s even a machine that you can use to roll it!! I didn’t get any cigarettes, but I got a small torch that’s so bright that if you stare at it for too long you’ll probably go blind. At night I can shine till the opposite apartment. It costs RM8, batteries included.

I’ll be having my exams next week so I’ll be busy. Wish me luck! ;) Continue reading

Things to do with Google Earth

It used to be that Google Earth didn’t show detailed satelite pictures of Kuching. But a few days ago, my friend discovered that it did. So using the free time I had and the vague memory of Kuching roads, I had painstakingly marked the locations of your residence (if you are in my class during secondary school) on the map. Some aren’t avaliable because I can’t remember how to go to your house or I haven’t been to your house.

I hope terrorists won’t use this to find their next target =D Continue reading