Draining day

Today we installed the life vests under the seats, the fire extinguishers in the “dog house”, prepared the mini pod seats for installation, installed some of the pod seats, disinfect the water system, installed the door covers and unofficially tested out the IFE (in-flight entertainment) system. The cabin is almost fully built up. But due to the operation of the aircraft’s electrical systems, the whole place is like a sauna. The cold air feed has conveniently broken down too.

Looks almost complete. Check my previous posts to see what it was like before.

And today I got the chance to enter into the crew bunk room located below the floor panels. It can only be accessed through a special door and a hatch. Inside the bunk room are bunk beds. Up to 7 crew members can use the bunk room at the same time.

One of the bunk beds. The phone is used for communication between stations and galleys. It can also be used for PA.

Steps to get in and out of the bunker.

Today has been quite draining, no thanks to the heat in the plane. I came back and slept until 9. My friends were going swimming so I followed them. At the pool, which is located in between apartments, I suddenly saw a girl hurrying to her car followed by guy walking very fast carrying something in his hands. Only after they reached their car did I realise that the guy was carrying another girl in his arms! Seems that they were in a rush. The girl looks as if she had fainted. So probably they were heading to a hospital. Hope everything’s okay.

Got back home at around 10:30pm and had dinner. Now I’m going to relax for a while before going back to sleep. Continue reading