Surprise surprise!

They say you’ll fall in love with the first aircraft you work on. I think that statement is very true. Once you know an aircraft inside out, you’ll start to admire its complex construction and ingenius design, not to mention all the high tech equipment in it. It seems so simple on the surface (to help pilots/stewardress manage the plane) but it’s actually very very complex and complicated.

Cockpit with functioning indicators.

Today I witnessed the testing of the jettisoning valves. Jettisoning is a way to dump fuel quickly. Dumping fuel is only done if the aircraft is too heavy when it is about to land. There is a maximum landing weight for the aircraft, and if the aircraft is overweight, it might run out of runway, break its landing gears, burst the tyres or crash.

Anyways, if you look at the above picture, the second display from the right shows the fuel tanks, amount of fuel on each tank, fuel flow, pump operation and valve positions. All the information is displayed in a easy to read manner. The display can be changed to show different information at the touch of a button. It can show APU status, engine status, hydraulic pressure and many more. It is a truely advanced system that simplifies troubleshooting and monitoring the aircraft.

Anyways, a few surprises today (hence the title). I got a mail in my mailbox that’s different from all other mails that I receive. Usually I get the phone bill, electricity bill, water bill, advertisments, sexual enhancement products, loan shark rates and rubbish. But today, I get a black envelope. No name, no address, no letter from sender. Just some origami instructions inside. But of course I know who it was from, since I don’t give out my address to many people. Hint: she’s from Muar =P

And my results came out today for my last exam. I got a 97%. My 100% streak is gone =(

And our work at CIM is almost done, so we won’t be having overtime this weekend. Will be meeting up with Alan tomorrow. And I’ll want to have a peaceful weekend ;) Continue reading