List of UNUSUAL deaths

Okay, maybe deaths shouldn’t be categorized as funny, but some deaths listed here are hilarious. One of the latest entries:

“2006: Steve Irwin, television personality and naturalist known as The Crocodile Hunter, died when his heart was pierced by a short-tail stingray barb while filming in Queensland’s Batt Reef. Stingrays are rarely lethal to humans: there have been fewer than 20 confirmed cases of people being killed by the fish. Steve was the third to be killed in Australian history” Continue reading

Legend of the Dragoon

Busy studying and playing Legend of the Dragoon. My exam is tomorrow and after my exam I will be following MGC’s LYC at PD for the weekend. I am predicting a sleepless weekend haha

Playing using epsxe emulator and parallel port ps controllers.

Legend of the Dragoon is a RPG and it contains 4 discs. I’m on the end of disc 3 already but due to the exam I am unable to play full time. Will update more when I finish my exam and this weekend. Continue reading