End of Raya in Kuching

Time really flies when you are having fun and sleeping until 1pm. I’ll like to say that this is my longest break yet this whole year. Yeah, believe it or not. This one week plus (9 days) has been really fun, thanks to you guys in Kuching. And of course, there’s no place like home.

Testing out the engraving machine. Didn’t work as well as I predicted. Or maybe it wasn’t meant to engrave things on cd covers.

We had a farewell dinner for those leaving for KL (that includes me) and Indon at Jojo on Friday night. This time round everyone was quite on time. Me, Et and her friend Nicole were the first to arrive at 7pm sharp because I went and pick them up. Then Adrian and Junella came, followed by Joanne and Benita and finally Indra (which we cannot blame since he lives across the river and the ferry doesn’t come that often… oh? they have a bridge now?). Hmm.. I hope I get that sequence correct because I have extra short term memory when I’m on holiday haha pictures are in the order in which they are taken:

Indra and Adrian. Trying to see how much it would cost if we want to order “everything”.

Junella and Joanne. Joanne is saying “3 dishes for me where got enough!?” haha hope she doesn’t read this…

Dr Benita. You might get a discount if you mention me the next time you go see her :P

I’m probably laughing at how the tissues that I stuff under the turntable suddenly appear magically on the other side of the table.

Et’s friend Nicole. Her dad is the head of CID in Miri so you better not make her disappointed if you bring her out on a date, else you might get arrested and charged with sexual harrassment.

And finally our photographer who refused to be photographed.

So after the dinner we went to visit KC who couldn’t make it because he had to study. Then we went to hang out at Joanne’s house for a while until it was time for her to watch her Malaysia-Singapore drama at 9:30pm. Had to send Benita back and Indra to his car which was still parked at Jojo. Then we went to hang out at Et’s house for a while until 12plus, at which I had to go back, else I won’t be able to drive at all due to the tiredness.

And today was a whole day of doing nothing, preparing to go back to KL. Watched High School Musical on DVD. Went out for dinner. Saw Kenny Sia at Popular bookstore. Came back. Packed. Blogged. Not going to sleep until my flight at 5am.

And here’s a list of things I didn’t get to do:

  1. Eat gubak mee.
  2. Eat kolo mee.
  3. Walk to Damai.
  4. Go to the funfair.
  5. Play futsal with my friends (only played once with my bro’s friends).

So goodbye Kuching! Hope to come back soon! (25dec-1jan) Continue reading

Raya in Kuching 2

The purpose of coming back for raya is of course to visit our friends who are having open house. But besides that, it’s also to relax one’s body and mind from the hectic work schedule. Okay, enough of that.

Kuching is of course the best place to go out because there are no traffic jams or anything. On Tuesday (or was it Monday), we went to Lake Park to have a chat with our fellow soon-to-be-doctors friends (and also some non-doctor friends). Did you know that your heart is not on the left side of your body but in the middle!!? No, I didn’t know that haha

Ahh.. one of the wonders of living at home: unlimited food!

Living at home is bliss. You don’t need to do the laundry, or cook or wash the dishes or go out and buy food and stuff like that. Living at home is comfortable and nice. I have everything I need at my fingertips. If I want to go out and ‘lepak’ with my friends, they are just a phone call and 15 minutes away. Kuching is so small that I can probably reach Indra’s house in 15 minutes if there are no police around.

Luckily this was buffet style =P Et is on the left, having her 2nd bowl of laksa.

Okay, enough about how homey Kuching is. On the 2nd day of raya, we went to visit Indra and Ashraff. We didn’t stay very long at Indra’s house because he (and us) wants to go to Ashraff house since he got open house that day. So off we go to the heir of Merdeka Palace’s house (like Paris Hilton with her Hilton hotels). And we spent almost 5 hours there. The picture you see above is just part of what we ate. The table was cleared several times =D And we watched the movie RV.

They don’t run that fast. I should know because I chased them.

Back at Indra’s house, we went rabbit hunting for a while. Found only 2. There should have been 3 but the other one is probably tumbling down the rabbit hole, like Alice in wonderland. Okay, this is not making any sense.

And how can I forget my cat. She acted like I was gone for just one day when I came back.

It’s probably due to the fact that I woke up at 8 this morning. Supposed to send my mum to the workshop to get her aircond fixed up. But I suddenly realised that my car had a flat battery because instead of charging, the faulty battery charger actually discharged the battery down to 3V!! (Normal battery voltage is 12V). So after charging up the battery using an improvised method (kids don’t try this on your mum’s car), I tried to start it. But it won’t turn over.

Slowly but surely, it’s being constructed. Spent most of my time troubleshooting the display section of the circuit, just to realise that the CD4017 was damaged! Replaced with a new one and everything worked like a charm. A sidenote here. A high frequency wire running across the clock crystal can make the clock faster by 7 seconds in about 8 hours. Interesting…

Later, my brother’s friend came over and we used his car to jumpstart. I managed to crank it and it spluttered to life. But it was running on only 3 cylinders!! (supposed to be 4) And then I realised that the spark plugs must be replaced. After blowing the engine (stepping on the gas pedal repeatedly, the 3rd cylinder came to life and the engine was running normally. Drove to the workshop, changed the plugs and it drove like a dream.

She misses me. That’s why she’s spending so much time with me. Serious. Sometimes I wake up in the morning staring at a cat haha

For dinner, went to eat butter prawns, oyster and midin at Batu Lintang. And later I went to pick Joanne up after her chinese tuition and went to Huising to have the infamous matterhorn. Now I must sleep soon because I need to wake up at 8 to go to the office and use the engraving machine. Continue reading

How to charge a T610

I brought my T610 back from KL because my Eten was still unavaliable and I actually forgot to bring my charger back. I asked my bro to bring it when I went to fetch him at Nilai and I actually forgot to get it from him. Hoping to get some consolation from Joanne, she actually told me how smart I am. So to prove that, I made my own charger.

Screen showing “optimized charging”

On the phone, the right-most pin is the positive and the one beside it on the left is ground. I just hooked up a Nokia charger to it (4.7v) and it just charges up. Continue reading

Raya in Kuching

Guess who’s back? Back again?

I actually managed to get a seat on friday evening, 5:50PM flight back to Kuching. So I arrived at Kuching at 7:40PM and they lost my bag. After a few enquiries, they found out that it was on the next flight to Kuching. So I went back, took a shower, went and get my lugguage and then went to meet ET and go open air.

Ad and friends came later after their movie and we went to Point one at Travillion. Before you accuse us of going clubbing or getting involved in fights, let me remind you that Point One is a cafe that sells Coke for freaking RM2.50! And today I went through not one, not two, not three but FOUR ROADBLOCKS!! I didn’t have my license during 2 of the roadblocks but luckily ET was driving since I left my wallet in her room :S But they never check anyways.

Saturday. Hmm… spent most of my time working on my clock and fixing my nissan’s air cond. The clutch control wire actually snapped and the compressor belt was gone. No wonder there was no aircond! Then went to play 4-a-side futsal for 2 whole hours! I’m not kicking a ball till my legs recover.

Sunday. Spent the morning just chatting and idling. Afternoon went and took a look at a dead hard drive for my mum’s friend. Cannot be recovered though. Then I went to Saberkas to look for an AMD Sempron system that will cost only RM500 with processor, mobo and ram. Good deal considering the Sempron can easily beat a P4 3.4Ghz when overclocked. But the whole of Saberkas is like less than one shop in Lowyat. Needless to say, I didn’t get what I wanted.

PIC controlling Kia’s digital aircond system!

I was working on my mum’s car’s digital aircond because it’s spoilt now. I’ll be honest with you. I prefer old technology. Now that the aircond unit is fully digital, to troubleshoot a problem is as easy as finding a non-existant needle in a haystack. Now they take into consideration many parameters to decide on whether to turn the compressor on or off. And that damn unit is hidden somewhere in the car. My perfect remedy: replace the A/C relay with a piece of cable. Now you can have aircond on full time.

Oh, and something interesting here. I used to think that PIC microcontrollers were used for hobby kits only. I could never think that they would be using this in cars. Even more astonishing, my housemate Tan pointed out that RC speed controllers are running on PICS. I can verify this because I saw it with my own eyes. My tonsils probably saw it too, if you know what I mean.

Night. Went out to open air again. This time to meet Indra, Jo and Kc and ET too. KC brought his girl friends and one of them was actually my senior from Lodge and I couldn’t recognize her. And to make matter worse, she knew me :S They’re going to be pharmacists so you’ll know who to ask for cough mixture *cough* *cough* for your cough la, what else?

And we came up with plans to go roadtrip to Sibu, go play on a dangerous funfair, walk to damai, go bako, go KK, go and try to reach The Tree at damai, kayak till talang talang island, come KL and visit me =D (okay, I made this up), desert me in KL (Jo actually persuaded Indra to come back to KCH early haha), go Sematan again, and some more la.

Mmmm… I’m Lovin’ it!!

Went to MCD to get something to eat and to ‘tapau’ for mum’s friend’s children. Came back, taunt Syn In with my half eaten MCD large fries =D, talk to Nick about planes and now I’m going to sleep. Continue reading

Windows virus in iPod Videos!

I just got this story off lowyat.net. I too find it very ironic that somehow rather Apple has managed to put a virus in the video iPod that affects only Windows users. Although the number of iPods affected is less than 1%, they released a antivirus patch just to remove the virus. Quoted on their site:

“As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses, and even more upset with ourselves for not catching it.”

Read here for more info. Continue reading