Raya in Kuching

Guess who’s back? Back again?

I actually managed to get a seat on friday evening, 5:50PM flight back to Kuching. So I arrived at Kuching at 7:40PM and they lost my bag. After a few enquiries, they found out that it was on the next flight to Kuching. So I went back, took a shower, went and get my lugguage and then went to meet ET and go open air.

Ad and friends came later after their movie and we went to Point one at Travillion. Before you accuse us of going clubbing or getting involved in fights, let me remind you that Point One is a cafe that sells Coke for freaking RM2.50! And today I went through not one, not two, not three but FOUR ROADBLOCKS!! I didn’t have my license during 2 of the roadblocks but luckily ET was driving since I left my wallet in her room :S But they never check anyways.

Saturday. Hmm… spent most of my time working on my clock and fixing my nissan’s air cond. The clutch control wire actually snapped and the compressor belt was gone. No wonder there was no aircond! Then went to play 4-a-side futsal for 2 whole hours! I’m not kicking a ball till my legs recover.

Sunday. Spent the morning just chatting and idling. Afternoon went and took a look at a dead hard drive for my mum’s friend. Cannot be recovered though. Then I went to Saberkas to look for an AMD Sempron system that will cost only RM500 with processor, mobo and ram. Good deal considering the Sempron can easily beat a P4 3.4Ghz when overclocked. But the whole of Saberkas is like less than one shop in Lowyat. Needless to say, I didn’t get what I wanted.

PIC controlling Kia’s digital aircond system!

I was working on my mum’s car’s digital aircond because it’s spoilt now. I’ll be honest with you. I prefer old technology. Now that the aircond unit is fully digital, to troubleshoot a problem is as easy as finding a non-existant needle in a haystack. Now they take into consideration many parameters to decide on whether to turn the compressor on or off. And that damn unit is hidden somewhere in the car. My perfect remedy: replace the A/C relay with a piece of cable. Now you can have aircond on full time.

Oh, and something interesting here. I used to think that PIC microcontrollers were used for hobby kits only. I could never think that they would be using this in cars. Even more astonishing, my housemate Tan pointed out that RC speed controllers are running on PICS. I can verify this because I saw it with my own eyes. My tonsils probably saw it too, if you know what I mean.

Night. Went out to open air again. This time to meet Indra, Jo and Kc and ET too. KC brought his girl friends and one of them was actually my senior from Lodge and I couldn’t recognize her. And to make matter worse, she knew me :S They’re going to be pharmacists so you’ll know who to ask for cough mixture *cough* *cough* for your cough la, what else?

And we came up with plans to go roadtrip to Sibu, go play on a dangerous funfair, walk to damai, go bako, go KK, go and try to reach The Tree at damai, kayak till talang talang island, come KL and visit me =D (okay, I made this up), desert me in KL (Jo actually persuaded Indra to come back to KCH early haha), go Sematan again, and some more la.

Mmmm… I’m Lovin’ it!!

Went to MCD to get something to eat and to ‘tapau’ for mum’s friend’s children. Came back, taunt Syn In with my half eaten MCD large fries =D, talk to Nick about planes and now I’m going to sleep. Continue reading